Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards

No. 10 – Adidas Crazy ’97

Adidas always gives better to better shoes. Since 1997 Adidas Crazy ’97 shoes are performing on the playground with good reputation. It is so attractive, colorful and attractive design. It is comfortable and reliable on the playground. Still today many players use it without any complain. This is perfect suit for players and it is good for indoor or outdoor. Adidas does not bring bad products in the market that can ruin their reputation that they have earned from long run journey. So, you can trust them on.

No. 9 – Nike Zoom Soldier VII

Have you used Nike Zoom Soldier VII shoes? These are super creation for gamers for serious gaming on the field. It is expensive and it is available at $150 but if you check discount shop you can get them at lower price. Price does not conflict with performance and comfortable. It is good for game and you can use it indoor and outdoor. Those shoes come with various colors that make the attraction more strong to the shoes. You must like them. Why not you try in your battle field.

No. 8 – Adidas Crazy 8

As I said before that Adidas presents best shoes and Adidas Crazy 8 shoe is one of them. These are for suitable for hard core gamers. Many basketball gamers use these for playing game and practicing indoor or outdoor. You must like them if you use them. Its performance must take place in your mind. For heavy performance I love it too.

No. 7 – Li-Ning Way of Wade

For strong competition Li-Ning Way of Wade will be also good choice. Theses shoes are made with good materials which are really perfect for making gaming shoes. It is brought in 90’s and snatch minds of players. It is soft and comfortable .This is designed properly for jumping and running. You cannot ignore its performance. You can try these shoes in your next competition. Since 90s, the shoes are still going good.
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No. 6 – APL Concept 3

If I say APL Concept 3 is one of the best shoes for basketball players then you may call me crazy. I request you to know more about them detail research online or join in their club. They sell good products using good materials. About performance and comfort, they are not far away from Nike or Rebook. If you have such nice pair of shoes then you can use them for playing game or jump on the ground floor.

No. 5 – Nike Hyperdunk 2014

Among all Nike shoes Nike Hyperdunk 2014 has taken a good place of pride since 2008. Every year they develop it and brought out a model of it for next generation players. These shoes are one of the best selling shoes of Nike which are stepping forward with pride year to year. It is really comfortable for cushion and rotation. It has taken good place of the store of a market.
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No. 4 – Under Armour Micro G Torch 2

If a name comes in my mind of good shoes then it is Under Armour Micro G Torch 2. If any player wires the first Micro G torch then he must say that Under Armour Micro G Torch 2 version is more improved than this one. The new shoes are more improved, more comfortable, more durable and more reliable in the playground. It is very cheap and anyone can buy this with proud. They are made with best materials.

No. 3 – Nike Kobe 9 SYSTEM

You can suggest any one to use Nike Kobe 9 SYSTEM in the playground. Nike Kobe 9 SYSTEM shoes are neither let you down nor ruin your reputation in front of your friends or students. These shoes are fantastic creation of Nike. You can buy them without folding eyes. A new version of Nike kobe is coming out soon till then you can continue with kobe 9.

No. 2 – Under Armour Anatomix Spawn

For playground Under Armour Anatomix Spawn is also perfect combination. You can try with it without any hesitation. You have many options to choose for and it is one of them. It is available at $120 around. The shoes are comfortable and give awesome performance. No one neglects these shoes. Players can feel its power and strength.

No. 1 – Air Jordan XX8

You can choose Air Jordan XX8 for gaming on the ground and practice. It is soft, reliable, comfortable and durable for long time. It would be best collaboration with players. I am sure you will like it .

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