Warriors Must Rebound On Home Court

After an embarrassing 40 point defeat in the Staples Center, the Warriors look to bounce back and regain control of this series against the rival Los Angeles Clippers. It must feel really good to be home, back in the Bay after an up and down trip to Los Angeles. Im sure it is frustrating dealing with Chris Paul’s arrogance, Blake Griffin’s horrible acting, and wishy washy officiating. Despite the 40 point steam rolling the Warriors have to feel content about splitting the first two games. The important thing for this team is to not let emotions take over early at home.

The Clippers will look to take their show on the road, and the Warriors will want to kill that momentum right out the gates.
This rivalry has hyped this series and the talent on the court has been on full display. Look for a huge statement game from Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. As frustrating as game 2 was Curry will look to keep his composure and silence all critics. Curry will look to create his own success, but it will be a full team effort to put the Clippers away in game 3.

Curry will shine but more will be needed from his teammates, starting with Andre Igoudala, who must exploit the mis-match the Clippers have been daring him to do for two games now. It’s clear that JJ Reddick cannot guard Igoudala. The Warriors must get Iggy involved early and often offensively. Even if it means him being somewhat selfish when handling the rock.

I mentioned rebounding in the title, and rebound they must do. David Lee is crucial to game three success. Lee has to be on his game, specifically, he must attack the boards. Without Andrew Bogut on the court it has been 2 on 1, as Lee has battled both Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in the paint. Lets hope Lee got his rest in the last game and has fresh legs for game 3 because he will need them. Expect heavy minutes from David Lee and at least 10 rebounds on his stat sheet.
Another key to victory for Golden State is they must get production from the bench. Curry, Lee, and Igoudala will all play heavy minutes to ensure victory but every now and then they will need rest. Jordan Crawford needs to knock down his shots, Harrison Barnes must continue to stay aggressive offensively, and Steve Blake must make good decisions when asked to handle the offense as the point. Maurice Speights will get his minutes when Lee, Draymond Green, or Jermaine O’Neal need rest, and the Warriors need Speights to be a factor whenever on the court. Rebounding and defense first, shooting the 12 footer second.

Overall this should make out to be an exciting game with a lot of action, trash talk, flopping, the works. We can only hope the officials get the calls right in game 3. Like driving to the hoop and getting blasted to the ground (Foul), rather than one of the biggest guys on the court flopping like a Disney channel actress (scene). Despite all the controversy and terrible acting in LA, the Warriors must get back to playing basketball. The run and gun philosophy should get the crowd involved early, but crashing the boards, playing defense, and staying out of foul trouble will ensure they take this one to the bank.

Prediction: Warriors 110 Clippers 107

Robert Lara

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