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Oakland Raiders:  Not Ready For Prime Time Players


Following the 30-14 loss my beloved Oakland Raiders suffered at home at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings, I could only think one thing: we aren’t there yet. By not there yet, I mean the team, the players, the OC, the DC, and the HC. We were out-coached this game. We were out-played this game.  I’d hazard a guess that ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders:  NY Jets Fly Blind into The Black Hole


The somewhat lauded New York Jets encountered a slight problem when facing my Oakland Raiders at the O.co stadium in what ended up being 34-20 loss for them.  While it is abundantly clear that this isn’t last year’s Jets to many, it seems the Jets may have mistakenly believed this is last year’s Raiders. To start off with, quarterback Derek ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders- Prevent vs Potential

HS 6

My beloved Oakland Raiders ended their divisional road game losing streak with a 37- 29 win over the hapless San Diego Chargers. Don’t let the score fool you.  The game was not that close, but the problem is, it could have been. This is the problem I have had with this Raiders’ team coaching staff.  We don’t go for the ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Motive and Opportunity


I don’t know exactly what comes to mind when I think of the Oakland Raiders 16-10 loss to the Denver Broncos at O.co dropping us to 2-3 for the season.  All I know is that we could have had this game. It was the Raiders game to win or lose.  I can’t think that the Broncos wanted it more. In ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Changes Pave the Road to Victory


As I watched the last minute of my beloved Oakland Raiders take down the Cleveland Browns 27-20 at FirstEnergy Stadium, it struck me how crucial a call by an official can be. I was reminded of a game in Cleveland back in 2003 that came down to a play that changed the flavor of the game. As I recall, the ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Finding A Way

HS 7

I do believe the Baltimore Ravens were a little surprised by the intensity of the Oakland Raiders they faced at O.co as they fell to Raiders 37-33, with the Raiders getting the go ahead and winning touchdown with a mere 26 seconds on the clock. This game, from strictly a competitive perspective, has to be one of the best games ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders – No Answer to No Huddle


There isn’t much to comment on in the embarrassingly one-sided 33-13 loss the Oakland Raiders suffered in their home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals, yet oddly, I feel like saying a lot. Post-game I understand that  the team as a whole was embarrassed by their performance.  They should be.  Aside from any player pulling double duty,I am personally of the mind the ... Read More »

Oakland Raider- TGNO Thank Goodness No OT!


I don’t think I was the only one that was thankful when the Arizona Cardinals scored a touchdown and PAT  took the lead ,30-23, against my beloved Oakland Raiders at O.co in the 3rd pre-season game. I can’t think of a single person that wanted the game to go into overtime. Well, probably bubble players like George Atkinson III.  However ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders-Game Plan Anyone?


  What can I say about the Oakland Raiders 20-12 loss to the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium other than they  looked like a completely different team than the one that  faced the St. Louis Rams in the first pre-season game. Well, mostly.   Let’s start off with the penalties.   Last game we had zero pre-snap penalties, and only ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders – A Whole New World?


I  know that what most people are talking about after watching my beloved Oakland Raiders18-3win over the visiting St.Louis Rams on Friday night at O.co is the what appeared to be the great connection between 2nd year former Fresno Bulldog quarterback Derek Carr and the seemingly phenom rookie  Amari Cooper, Alabama Crimson Tide’s 2014 All-American wide receiver. They may also ... Read More »

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