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Oakland Raiders: No Excuses For Loss, Just Lack of Play


I sat in disbelief as I watched the Oakland Raiders go down to the Miami Dolphins 38-14 in England. We can’t blame the time change, as the Raiders flew back to England immediately following the loss to the NE Patriots.  They had plenty of time to adjust to  the time change.  There was no reason to be exhausted.  T As ... Read More »

Gridiron Classic…No More.

penalty flag

What happened to our beloved game of Football we knew growing up as kids? The game that called for the survival of the fittest, where the rough and tough not only roamed, but dominated, physically. The game that called for the mano y mano showdown in practice. Tackling drills were spectacles for players, coaches, fans, and parents alike. Lineman battled ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: No More Moore


After a holding call that  Coach Allen doesn’t believe was holding,  on rookie Gabe Jackson negated a Darren McFadden  touchdown , my beloved  Oakland Raiders fell in Foxborough,  16-9 to the  New England Fake, make that New England Patriots. How did we get to within a tie game in the final minute of regulation? Not easily and with a lot ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Same Ol’ Song “I Promise”


Watching my beloved Oakland Raiders fall 30-14 against the Houston Texans, a team they  beat the last  two meetings ,in their home opener at O.co Stadium was painful for me. I am going to start off with the obvious.  A team can NOT turn over the ball 4 times and expect  to win.  Period, end of statement. Usually at this ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Stalled Carr?


I had hopes of the Oakland Raiders going across the country  and downing  the New York Jets, but the last minute efforts weren’t enough,  and the Raiders were the ones grounded, 14-19. So what happened? I had my concerns when we named Derek Carr, the rookie quarter back, as starter.  I was even more worried when I saw that wide ... Read More »

A New Era: Oakland Raiders Put Hopes In Derek Carr


For the second year in a row, the Oakland Raiders have benched a weak-armed quarterback named Matt and put their hopes in a young quarterback. Unlike last year, the Raiders might have given the keys to the franchise to a future star. It’s fitting that the player who the Raiders believe will lead the team out of a dark decade is a lifelong member ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Super Seattle Seahawks Stunned in Oakland


If anyone told Pete Carroll that his defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks would fall to the Oakland Raiders at O.co 41-31 in the final pre-season match up for both teams, I think he would have laughed.  What happened to the Seahawks, however, left Raiders fans smiling and the Seattle fans shaking their heads. Oakland deferred after winning the coin ... Read More »

Therapy Sessions: Quarterback Problems Continue in Oakland


Football season is back Raider Nation! The summer is winding down, kids are getting ready to go back to school, and the Oakland Raiders are having quarterback issues. Just like last year, Reggie McKenzie got rid of his starting quarterback, and traded a late round pick for a weak-armed quarterback named Matt. Unlike Flynn, Matt Schaub has proven that he ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: Pack It In Now, The Season Is Over


After flying out to Lambeau Field and losing 31-21  to the Green Bay Packers,  a team that made the play offs in the 2013  season,  it is obvious that the Oakland Raiders may as well pack it in for the season. After all, the Raiders had a great 4-12  season last year, so obviously  we expect them to be on ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders : Matt Mc Gloin Seals Win in Final Seconds


Oakland Raiders fans that attended the Raiders first pre-season home game witnessed something they have not seen in quite some time as the Raiders defeated  the Detroit Lions  27-26 -  a come from behind victory.  Most of us are happy for the win itself, as even those have been fairly scarce . I know this was a just a pre-season ... Read More »

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