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Oakland Raiders: Game Over


As  I watched my beloved Oakland Raiders fall to the Denver Broncos with the final score of 47-14,  I  have to admit  I didn’t  expect  us to win.  What I  DID  expect, however, was a game that had some semblance  of  being  a fairly officiated game. I know, that was silly of me, wasn’t it? Only ONE  penalty was assessed ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders:  7 Minutes in Heaven ,  A Season of Hell


While I  didn’t necessarily expect my beloved Oakland Raiders to  travel to  Arrowhead Stadium, face a  Kansas Chief team  fighting for a play-off berth and come away  with  a win, I  did expect them to be more competitive than the 31-13 score showed. Before I get into all of that let’s look over some key statistics. Each  team had the ... Read More »



What can I  say  about my beloved Oakland Raiders first win of the season, beating the  Kansas City  Chiefs 24-20 in the rain, in front of a sold out crowd, in Oakland?   The Oakland Raiders in Oakland + rain against KC  = Raiders VICTORY. First, I am going to start off with the ugly. Special teams coverage, which has generally ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: More, Not Moore,  Is Needed


I really don’t know where to begin when I think about Oakland Raiders 13-6 loss to the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. After the last game, where the offense  had 9  3 and outs,  I was still somehow expecting more this game. More accurate throws. More from the run game.  More from the special teams.    More intelligent play calling  ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: In Search of an Identity


It seems that after the 23-13 loss handed to the Oakland Raiders by the Cleveland Browns a FirstEnergy Stadium,  my beloved team is still in search of an identity.  Hopefully they’ll find one that doesn’t involve breaking the longest losing streak in Raiders history.   But what will that identity be ? Are we going to be a strong offensive ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders:  Oakland being Oakland?


Coach Tony Sparano summed up the Oakland Raiders 24-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals at O.co saying Oakland is Oakland. He said that the team focused on the 3rd down situations on both sides of the ball the past week,  and they’d  be focusing on it again this upcoming week,  again. He put emphasis on the word again. But what ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: No Moral Victory


In post game conferences, Oakland Raiders Head Coach  Tony Sparano and quarter back Derek Carr both made clear  that  the 31-28 loss to their divisional rivals, the San Diego Chargers at O.co, was a loss.  Period. They are both right.  All that counts at the end of the season is Win-Loss record, and  currently the Raiders are at 0-5. I know that many  fans were pleased ... Read More »

Oakland Raiders: No Excuses For Loss, Just Lack of Play


I sat in disbelief as I watched the Oakland Raiders go down to the Miami Dolphins 38-14 in England. We can’t blame the time change, as the Raiders flew back to England immediately following the loss to the NE Patriots.  They had plenty of time to adjust to  the time change.  There was no reason to be exhausted.  T As ... Read More »

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