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BREAKING: Giants Wake Us Up With New Left Fielder

Michael Morse

And a good morning it is Giants fans. On the last day of baseball’s Winter Meetings the San Francisco Giants have finally addressed their Left Field situation by bringing in right handed power hitter Michael Morse on a one year contract, worth 5 Million dollars plus incentives. At very least, Morse will platoon with Blanco when lefty’s are on the ... Read More »

All Quiet On The Western Front: Giants Lack of Movement Troubling


I’ve been very torn about the Giants moves, or lack thereof, this offseason. On one hand, I get what their doing. They deemed last season to be sort of flukey with injuries to Pagan, (the second most important player on the team), Cain, Affeldt, Casilla, and Scutaro’s lack of production due to an injury (thats what they say), and Sandoval’s ... Read More »

Potential Trade Targets for the San Francisco Giants This Offseason

Ryan Braun

Before I get started with this article, I wanted to mention that the Giants have resigned Javier Lopez to a three year, thirteen million dollar deal. Honestly, who didn’t see that one coming. Lopez, other than Romo is the anchor of that bullpen and they both had mutual interest in returning since the beginning of the offseason. It was rumored ... Read More »

Glimpse of the Future: Giants Prospect Ricky Oropesa

San Jose Giants

[youtube id=”O0YTbPsPFFU” width=”600″ height=”350″]   San Jose Giants First Baseman Ricky Oropesa, drafted in the third round out of USC in 2011, started the year in AA Richmond before unfortunately being demoted half way through the season back down to San Jose due to a slump in which he only hit around .200. However, since Oropesa’s stint back in San ... Read More »

September Is Calling for the San Francisco Giants

Giants Logo

  Yesterday, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Colorado Rockies 5-3 at Coors Field. It also was the day that Hunter Pence hit a colossal home run to left field. The 476 ft bomb cleared the seats and hit the brick wall located behind the bleachers, next to the beer stand of course. Dwarfed by Pence and a Giants victory, ... Read More »

Minor League Baseball: A Uniquely American Experience

San Jose Giants

Minor league baseball is a whole different animal. This was my introduction to Minor League Baseball, as I’d never been to a non-big league game. I was there for a reason, my intention was to interview Top Prospect Kyle Crick, which we did, and it was an awesome experience. He’s an awesome guy, and I wish him well on his ... Read More »

Top Ten Players the Giants Should Target in the Offseason Part 1.

Giants Logo

It has been a disappointing season for the San Francisco Giants to say the least. Teams have exploited their weaknesses in Left Field, and in the front end of the bullpen, as well as a tired, banged up starting pitching staff. And losing their center fielder and leadoff hitter doesn’t help either. While, rebuilding isn’t really the best option, as ... Read More »

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