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What Role Does Sports Play In Bay Area Politics?


Earlier today, news outlets reported that Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith donated money to the struggling Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign in Texas. The Smith donation comes on the heels of weeks of bad press for the underdog Democratic candidate. Davis has been under fire because the media found out that Davis had embellished her role in being a single ... Read More »

San Francisco Giants: The Power of Three


While we’re all on pins and needles here in the Bay Area awaiting the NFC Championship game between the 9ers and the hated Seahawks (which, by the way, isn’t even a real animal). I thought I’d give us a much needed short rest by coming up with another Giants article for those of us counting down the days until Pitchers ... Read More »

BREAKING: Giants Wake Us Up With New Left Fielder

Michael Morse

And a good morning it is Giants fans. On the last day of baseball’s Winter Meetings the San Francisco Giants have finally addressed their Left Field situation by bringing in right handed power hitter Michael Morse on a one year contract, worth 5 Million dollars plus incentives. At very least, Morse will platoon with Blanco when lefty’s are on the ... Read More »

All Quiet On The Western Front: Giants Lack of Movement Troubling


I’ve been very torn about the Giants moves, or lack thereof, this offseason. On one hand, I get what their doing. They deemed last season to be sort of flukey with injuries to Pagan, (the second most important player on the team), Cain, Affeldt, Casilla, and Scutaro’s lack of production due to an injury (thats what they say), and Sandoval’s ... Read More »

Where in the world is Pablo Sandoval?

World Series - San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers - Game 4

    Earlier today, while listening to KNBR, Larry Krueger touched base about Pablo Sandoval getting in shape. What?!? How is that possible? I haven’t heard anything about him. I’m even the biggest trade rumor nut on the planet! The last  we heard about Pablo Sandoval was his name being tossed around on the trading block. As we all know, ... Read More »

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