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Gridiron Classic…No More.


What happened to our beloved game of Football we knew growing up as kids? The game that called for the survival of the fittest, where the rough and tough not only roamed, but dominated, physically. The game that called for the mano y mano showdown in practice. Tackling drills were spectacles for players, coaches, fans, and parents alike. Lineman battled ... Read More »

49ers Ready To Take Down Bears

(95.7 The Game Facebook Page)

  I fully Expect the 49ers to return to their bread and butter of running the football to set up the passing game on Sunday night, under the lights, against NFC opponent Chicago Bears. I know we all witnessed last weeks whooping of hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, and how the passing game took center stage. Colin Kaepernick threw for ... Read More »

Power Run Game Versus The Frozen Tundra: 49ers To Battle Green Bay

Frank Gore

  The San Francisco 49ers are in Green Bay ready to battle the Packers and the elements that come with playing in January at Lambeau field. The famous Packers’ home field nick-named the “Frozen Tundra,” will be freezing on Sunday. The frosty temperatures at Lambeau are expected to reach zero or below by halftime, with wind chill expected to reach ... Read More »

49ers Run Attack Makes a Statement in Victory Over Seahawks

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Through three quarters, the San Francisco 49ers struggled to run the football with any success.  The Seahawks were completely shutting down Frank Gore, limiting him to just 12 carries for 54 yards.  The Seahawks had just kicked a field goal to give themselves a 17-16 midway through the 4th quarter, giving the 49ers one last chance to win this game and they made ... Read More »

49ers’ Most Valuable Player: Frank Gore

Frank Gore

49ers’ Most Valuable Player:  Frank Gore November 14, 2013 The NFL is a quarterback-centered league.  Players at that position get the large contracts, endorsement deals, magazine covers, et cetera while players at other positions often receive less fanfare.  The San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick is no exception.  His successes and failures receive much more attention, and scrutiny, than those ... Read More »

Anthony Dixon Is One Of A Kind

dixon main

    San Francisco 49ers back up running back Anthony Dixon plays his own kind of game. In his own kind of style, Dixon has found a way to make himself relevant in a very crowded San Francisco backfield. The type of offense the 49ers run is centered around a power running game, with a versatile quarterback that has a ... Read More »

49ers Kendall Hunter: Being Taken For Granted?


The San Francisco 49ers already have a crowded roster in regards to the running-back position. The order of rotation comes to the following: 1) Frank Gore, 2) Kendall Hunter, 3) Anthony Dixon, and 4) LaMichael James. Gore is the essential heartbeat of this west coast “ground and pound” offense. The 30-year old veteran has ran over 9,400 yards on an ... Read More »

Will the 49ers trade LaMichael James?

Photo Courtesy: @49ers

LaMichael James had a huge impact on the San Francisco 49ers last season, replacing Kendall Hunter, after he tore his Achilles tendon in late November game against the New Orleans Saints.  He was a key component in the 49ers victory over the Atlanta Falcons, scoring a crucial touchdown which led the 49ers to the Super Bowl for the first time ... Read More »

Will LaMichael James Find His Role in the 49ers’ Offense?


    San Francisco 49ers’ running back LaMichael James was one of the nation’s most explosive collegiate players for the prolific Oregon Ducks from 2009 to 2011.  High expectations surrounded James when the 49ers selected him in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  But since then, he has received limited playing time partially due to injuries and partially ... Read More »

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