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A Few Words from Charles Woodson

A Few Words from Charles Woodson

On April 6th, at  a VIP event at his winery, Charles Woodson showed up and and interacted with  75 fans that were willing to pony up the price of admission.

The price included an autographed bottle of wine with attendees choosing between three cabernet sauvignon, a raffle ticket, a tasting of the wines, a huge appetizer spread, a photo opportunity with Mr. Woodson, and of course, a chance to talk with the future Hall of Famer.
When he first arrived, I think as whole, all the attendees were in awe. His comment to break the ice? “Don’t be so shy everyone!”, then went around and shook everyone’s hand, chatting briefly if the the person was talkative.  I was and brought up the call in New England all those years ago. He said it was a fumble and I agreed.  I went through the rule and how it was misapplied, ending with the only legitimate call that could have been made would have been a personal foul for a blow to the head as his arm grazed Tom Brady’s helmet. His response, “You’re right, but it would have been a ticky tacky call.” Again, I agreed, and stated it was a fumble. Woodson remarked that it sounded like I explained that about a thousand times. It seems like I have.
It was around the food table that I was able to ask Woodson what  I had wanted to ask him.
My first question was what did he thought of Jon Gruden coming back as a head coach?
He believes it is a good idea. He believes Gruden knows a lot about football, and will be able to energize the team. He doesn’t think that his time away from the sideline will hurt anything. When I mentioned his winning percentage, and it being lower than Jim Mora and Denny Green, Woodson asked me a question. “What does that mean?  Really, what does a winning percentage mean?”At that moment, I was surprised by the incredulity in his response.  I am still thinking about that response.  I came up with winning is better than losing.
The second question I asked him was about who the Raiders should draft at  number 10 overall. Without missing a beat he said he’s heard good things about that linebacker from Georgia, Roquan Smith.  I brought up  the inconsistent play of the Raiders secondary last season.  He shook his head and said it didn’t matter.  Coming from an All Pro, a man with 65 career interceptions with 11 returned for scores, that is huge. He said it doesn’t matter who is in the secondary, if the front seven can not apply  pressure, tackle, and be effective, the secondary would not be successful. He reiterated, more than once, that strong front seven was mandatory, and stated “A team can not have too many linebackers. “
My last question, and I know some people have wondered about his, if he would ever consider becoming coach. He doesn’t see that happening.  He said he’d leave that to the people that love it, and he doesn’t have the patience for it.
The highlight of my evening was getting a photo with him “intercepting” the autographed ball I won in the raffle.
It was a great evening, with good wine, and informative football conversation.
As ever,
Win, lose , or tie, RAIDERS til I DIE!

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