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San Francisco 49ers: Here’s to a Great Season

San Francisco 49ers: Here’s to a Great Season

Richard Sherman made a play. Thats it. You can talk about using timeouts, or running the ball, or the referees, or the Offensive Coordinator all you want, but when the book is written, it will note that Richard Sherman made a play. Thats it, and thats all.

The Niners did everything right on what turned out to be their last play of the game. I totally agreed with the call. In that situation, with 22 seconds left and the momentum on your side, you have to make the defense beat you, and unfortunately, thats what they did. Kaepernick made a good pass to Crabtree, who catches that if Richard Sherman doesn’t make one of the better defensive plays of the season. Look at the replay, Sherman initially overplayed the ball, but recovered and stuck his hand out behind him at just the last second. We all knew this game was going to come down to one play. It had that feeling from kickoff, and unfortunately it was Seattle that did so.

I am going to stray from my usual norm of calling for someone’s firing, or  placing blame on whomever, and just say that this season was a fantastic one. The 49ers are a great, great football team, and probably should have won this game except for the fact that a great player did what great players are supposed to do. The San Francisco 49ers will be back. Colin Kaepernick will be back. NaVarro Bowman will be back. There is work to be done, but you bet your ass the 49ers will be here when we tell this story all over again next season. As for Richard Sherman, you bet your sweet ass the 9ers are going to be coming. His interview(s) post game were flat out bush league, and the people in this league don’t forget about stuff like that.

The Niners will be back, but now we have Dubs Basketball and Giants and A’s baseball to look forward to. And it couldn’t come soon enough. Pitchers and Catchers report in three weeks and four days. Heres to baseball season. And…Lets Go Broncos!

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