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Keep Phil Dawson Off The Field! The Key To Success

Keep Phil Dawson Off The Field! The Key To Success

Phil Dawson, the kicker for the 49ers has been perfect kicking field goals in the post-season, making all six attempts. These field goals included a long of 49 yards and the game winning play against the Packers. Dawson has been reliable for 49er faithful with his performances so far and yet, the key for the 49ers against the Seahawks will be keeping Dawson off the field.

In order to defeat the Seahawks in Seattle, the 49ers will have to capitalize on every opportunity that is presented to them. This means that they need to stop settling for field goals instead of touchdowns, in their previous two games, the 49ers led at the end of the first quarter 6-0. Three of the four field goals came inside the red-zone, if the 49ers continue to settle for field goals in the red-zone, they will have no chance this weekend. Above all other factors, the 49ers need to focus on scoring touchdowns in order to remain competitive.

Remaining competitive will require a more aggressive mentality from the offensive. Putting points on the board is always good but the difference between six and three will be even more exaggerated this weekend. 49er quarterback, Colin Kaepernick will need to be more aggressive with both his arm and legs, he is an extremely dangerous weapon when playing to his full potential. In the previous two weeks he played smart and made big plays when need be. This is a trend that will be vital to success in the coming game. Kaepernick needs to make plays with getting the ball into the endzone in mind. If he is able to do this, the rest of the team will follow suit with the aggressive mentality and the 49ers will have a great shot to win.

Scoring touchdowns will ensure that Dawson only comes onto the field for extra points and kickoffs, the only two kinds of plays that the 49ers can afford to have him on the field in order to win.

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