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If Oakland Loses Today, Pryor Should Start in San Diego

If Oakland Loses Today, Pryor Should Start in San Diego

The Oakland Raiders take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland today to try and snap a three game losing streak.  While the chances of the struggling bay city team beating the Chiefs, who are trying to bring their record to 11-3 which would tie them with the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots (if they beat the Miami Dolphins) for best in the AFC, is not likely.  If Matt Mcgloin plays poorly, Terrelle Pryor will get more time under center this game, and if he plays well, should start against the San Diego Chargers next week.


Mcgloin has definitely played better than anticipated but in reality, he barely beat the now 2-12 Houston Texans, and has now lost 3 straight winnable games and has officially taken Oakland out of playoff contention.  He may be a better passer, and the run game has seemed to increase but a win is a win and Pryor is a better winner than Mcgloin.


Pryor went 3-6 before getting hurt, and Mcgloin has gone 1-3.  Mcgloin’s losses also came against the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Jets.  If he gets blown out today, which wouldn’t surprise anyone, he will be 1-4 and even if he did look “promising” at first, you can’t argue with the numbers and it will be time to bring back Pryor who lost his job due to injury.


Pryor wouldn’t necesarrily have a better chance today against the Chiefs who destroyed him in Kansas City, but he did beat the Chargers in week 5 and would probably have a better chance of doing it again, although San Diego is coming off of a huge win against the Broncos Thursday.


In reality the Oakland Raiders are completely out of the playoff chase this year and they might as well put Pryor back in because he is a better long term solution for the future.  Lets not forget that if Nick Foles remains the starter for the  Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick will be searching for a new quarterback position and he would be a great quarterback to learn from if Pryor isn’t ready to start just yet.

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  1. You seriously have to be kidding. Pryor is not a NFL caliber QB and it is almost impossible to learn QB fundamentals at the PRO level. You can refine them if you currently have then like McGloin. Id say keep McGloin let him learn trade that fiorst pick for Cousins and let them compete for a job. Convert Pryor to WR. He could be a dymanic jack of all trades playmaker while keeping your real QB on the field. Move Wiz back to LG as he was one of the best in the league when pared with the HULK. Pashos, Watson and barnes can fill out RT/RG. Line should be solid. Pryor at WR, Reece as a playmaker and pick up one more legit WR via the draft can solve problems. If you cannot see that the offense under McGLoin resembles a real offense far better at moving the ball then I do not know what your watching. They have lost these last fwe games becasue the defense has been brutal, the special teams has been bad. KC almost scored on the opening kickoff. SMH

  2. the defense is the worst I have seen in years-how can you blame any quarterback-mcgloin is goin to be a dam good quarterback in a year.look atmanning at ny he is terrible this year.so give the kid a chance with a good defence he will shine. the pass defense of the raiders are not worth two cents

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