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Woodson Wants to Stay!!
Charles Woodson (@QuakeCave)

Woodson Wants to Stay!!

With the defensive meltdowns for Oakland in the past couple weeks, combined with some blunt assessments of the defense, I had a sneaking feeling that Charles Woodson may want to move away from the Raiders next year. I listed him as an absolute must-have for the Raiders in free agency, but there was always something tugging at me: what if he did decide to leave? What if he didn’t want to have part in the rebuild and did want to sign with a team that may be closer to competing for a Super Bowl?

I had a huge sigh of relief when I saw this tweet posted earlier:

I try to refrain from making articles solely based on tweets, but it’s really hard to not be excited by this news. With our best and most versatile defensive back on board with the defensive overhaul that will be taking place, Raiders fans can breathe a sigh of relief. While the team still undoubtedly needs to draft a young free safety to learn under Woodson, it isn’t as glaring of a need if #24 wants to return. Start working on that contract extension now, Reggie!

In other team news, WR Denarius Moore and RB Rashad Jennings have both returned to practice this week and seem likely to play on Sunday. The Raiders now have a pleasant problem of a logjam of receivers, with Streater and Holmes playing well in Moore’s absence. It will be interesting to see how the team works out the problem. Jennings seems likely to return to a starting role with Reece returning to a complementary position with his return.

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