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Jimmermania Redux? Why Jimmer Fredette Would Improve the Warrior Bench

Jimmermania Redux? Why Jimmer Fredette Would Improve the Warrior Bench

It seems like it’s been forever since Jimmer Fredette was the toast of the basketball world, but in reality, it was just two short years ago that Fredette was piling up accolades at BYU. Fredette was a one-man show at BYU, and when he got hot people were glued to their TV screens. These days, however, the only thing hot is Fredette’s seat on the bench.

When he was selected 10th overall in the 2011 NBA draft, Fredette was expected to help lead the Sacramento Kings through their constant rebuilding process. Instead, his lack of true point guard skills, as well as his defensive deficiencies prevented him from earning a spot in then-coach Keith Smart‘s regular rotation.

In his second year, his minutes decreased even more with the emergence of fellow 2011 draftee Isaiah Thomas. This season, Fredette is merely an afterthought, having played in just 8 of the team’s 20 games thus far. Fredette is one of many players that could benefit from a fresh start, and the Golden State Warriors could provide just that.

Through the Warriors first 23 games, one thing is clearly lacking, and that is bench scoring. Last season, veterans Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry anchored the second unit, and were both effective offensively. This season’s top bench scorer, Jermaine O’Neal, is averaging just over 6 points per game. Throughout his career, Fredette has proven one thing: he can score.

With Fredette being an expiring contract, he would be a relatively low risk financially. A deal involving perhaps fan favorite Kent Bazemore would be intriguing. While Bazemore has won over the hearts of fans and teammates with his enthusiasm, he hasn’t shown nearly enough improvement or consistency this season to win regular minutes.

JJ Redick stated that it was the tough love Stan Van Gundy gave him with the Orlando Magic that forced him to become a more complete player. Redick went from a one-dimensional shooter to a competent enough defender to be starting for another defensive coach, Doc Rivers, with the Los Angeles Clippers. Having already improved notoriously inept defenders David Lee and Stephen CurryMark Jackson could be just the man to resurrect Fredette’s flatlining career.

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  1. fredette? as the backup PG the W’s need? he doesn’t create shots for others. he’s klay thompson2; he shoots the ball, he doesn’t play D. how can you start from 0 teaching D at this point in the season? Dino, i’m sorry, but fredette to the W’s is simply not a viable recommendation! adding an offense only player would be a flashback to the old Nelly days…forget D, just keep scoring. they need to hurry up and do some things or the playoffs don’t look good, imo.

    kyle lowry might be an acceptable idea, except i guess he’s going to the knicks. besides, the W’s couldn’t afford him without some more FO magic. the kings have a lot of cheap contracts, i guess that’s how they’re able to afford these new players they’ve added. how nice for them.

    • Profile photo of Dino Marcelino

      I’m not going to dispute the fact Fredette is a defensive liability, however, any team that eventually acquires him would know that going in. Aside from Marreese Speights’ performance tonight, the Warriors’ bench scoring has been severely lacking. I only suggested Fredette because, when you look at it, they have no scoring threat off the bench. When the second unit comes in the drop off is so steep offensively because they have no one to keep the defense honest. I could see a bench lineup of Armstrong, Speights, Green, Barnes, and Fredette working. Green is a skilled passer and could be an initiator in this case, and I left Barnes in there due to Mark Jackson’s propensity to leave one starter w/his second unit. While I don’t actually think the Warriors are interested in Fredette, I do believe it would really work out for him here. As for your suggestion of Kyle Lowry, the Warriors have been reported as having interest in him along with the Knicks and Nets, but Toronto is seeking a #1 which the Warriors don’t have.

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