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Davis hurdles 49ers to victory
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Davis hurdles 49ers to victory

While everyone was excited for the return of Michael Crabtree last Sunday against NFC West rival, St. Louis Rams, it was Vernon Davis that stole the show for the Scarlet and Gold.  Davis had four receptions for 82 yards and a touchdown in a convincing 23-13 victory over the Rams.  All four of Davis’s receptions were quite memorable except for probably his first catch, which set up the first score of the game, a field goal by Phil Dawson.  His remaining catches will be remembered for different reasons, starting with a reception where he showed he was the most athletic tight end in the NFL.


Late in the 1st quarter with the 49ers up 3-0, Colin Kaepernick found Davis on a short gain and then the magic happened.  Davis proceeded to run down the field when he hurdled Rams safety, Rodney McLeod on his way to a 20 yard gain and another 49ers’ first down.  It was an incredible feat of athleticism for Davis, leaping over the oncoming defender but what most people will remember from this game was his next catch.


In the 3rd quarter with the 49ers up 13-6, Kaepernick found Davis again on a post for a 22 yard gain.  No hurdle this time but the way Davis was tackled made every man cringe.  It appeared that Davis was tackled by his “man region” by T.J. McDonald.  After the game, Davis proposed to Commissioner Roger Goddell that defenders should not be allowed to tackle someone “below the belt.”  He tweeted, “It should be a league rule saying that a defender can not tackle a player by his penis.  The most painful thing ever!”  Davis definitely has a point and I’m sure Goddell will look into his proposal.  This may have been his most memorable catch but he saved his best one for last.


Early in the 4th quarter, the 49ers had just stopped the Rams on an inexplicable fake punt inside their own 20 which gave the 49ers great field position.  Kaepernick did not waste any time finding Davis once again where Davis proceeded to hurdle over another Rams defender into the endzone for a touchdown.  It gave the 49ers a 23-6 lead, all but ending the game for the Rams.  It was Davis’s 10th touchdown reception of the season, a 49ers high and showing everyone that he is one of the most athletic tight ends in the league.  The 49ers face the Seahawks on Sunday and they will need Davis to hurdle them to yet another victory in a must-win game.


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