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Scott Kazmir Joins Stellar Pitching Rotation

Scott Kazmir Joins Stellar Pitching Rotation

Scott Kazmir went from one of the best young talents in the league in 2004 to one of the most disappointing players in the league only 3 years ago, even pushing himself down to triple A ball near his hometown, but after a promising season with the Cleveland Indians last year, he may end up being one of the steals of the season.

Kazmir burst on the scene in Tampa Bay quickly becoming one of their franchises best pitchers and even held many team records including all-time strike outs, and is still among the highest in earned run average, wins, and games started.  Injury problems that began in 2008 led to him being traded to the Los Angeles Angels in 2009 but after a decent start, his play slowly diminished and was eventually released in June 2011.


After gaining some momentum with minor league play, he earned himself a deal with the Indians before the 2013 season and he showed amazing amounts of improvement and even started to look stronger as the season progressed.  He finished the season with a 10-9 record and the best strikeout to walk ratio of his career.


Billy Beane who has a knack for seeing potential in injury prone stars, decided to pull the trigger on Kazmir while the market value is still low.  2 years 22 million is definitely a large investment but if he can somehow return to his superstar status it will give the A’s yet another pitching boost and a dominate left hander who can shut down the rest of the league, especially with the boost from the deep ballpark, and wide foul territory.


Although the A’s are all but surely going to lose Bartolo Colon, and Grant Balfour, some would say their best two pitchers, they almost seem as if they are in better shape for the upcoming season.

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