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Oakland Holds on to almost all Remaining Arbitration-Eligible Players

Oakland Holds on to almost all Remaining Arbitration-Eligible Players

The Oakland A’s recent winning history has given them more spending money for the upcoming season than they are used to and they have showed some of their moves already.  Some wondered how much more the team would change before the beginning of the 2014 season, but the A’s have decided to give all of their remaining free agents contracts.


Daric Barton, Brandon Moss, John Jaso and Jed Lowrie have all been retained for the infield.  Barton is a defensive threat from first base but has shown an ability to hit in big time situations.  Moss led the team in home runs last season with 30 and also plays first base but becomes more dangerous hitting from a DH spot.  Jaso was one of the most promising catchers the team has seen in a while but he was hurt late in the season and the A’s want to give him another chance.  Lowrie proved to be a huge player for Oakland this past season on defense but more on offense after having the 3rd most doubles in the league.

Seth Smith was projected to get around 4 million but was traded to the San Diego Padres for proven reliever Luke Gregerson because the outfield was beginning to get a little crowded.  However the A’s aren’t about to part ways with their best defensive player in Josh Reddick who had injury problems but is defensive strength was still an asset.

Jerry Blevins, Jesse Chavez, and Fernando Rodriguez have are all in the process of getting contracts to keep the relief pitching strong like always in Oakland.  Blevins, and Chavez have shown that they can save leads and pitch big innings but Rodriguez has yet to pitch for the team as he recovered from Tommy John surgery all last season.


Billy Beane has locked up about 50 million dollars in salaries already but as December has just begun, don’t expect the inspiration for money ball to just sit back and watch.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Billy Beene since I first read Moneyball.

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