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The Oakland Raiders Should Smash Geno Smith

The Oakland Raiders Should Smash Geno Smith

On Sunday, the 4-8 Oakland Raiders should be able to go into MetLife Stadium and defeat the 5-7 New York Jets.

Why you may ask? Why, can a team who has not won in the Eastern time zone since 2009, back when Bruce Gradkowski lead the team to that thrilling win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, go into the the frigid New Jersey cold and escape with a win? Why can a team that does their absolute best to let a considerable lead spiral hopelessly down the drain somehow muster the mental toughness and brass to play all four quarters and get a win?

The answer is so simple that I can only properly and crudely convey it like this: Geno Smith sucks.

There you have it Raider Nation. I do apologize if you yearned for a deeper evaluation of Sunday’s game, something akin to that of a Shaman’s edict, projected high atop the Himalayas. Nope. Not the case here. Geno Smith is terrible and the Raiders, who have been awful in various respects this season, have enough resources to lay the second round draft pick onto the cold Jersey grass and force him to contribute to his own demise as well.

Last week against the visiting Miami Dolphins, head coach Rex Ryan decided to sit Smith. After one interception on ten attempts and a hailstorm of boos from the stands paved way for Matt Simms at quaterback, the Jets still lost 23-3 at home. And after two days into this week, it turns out that Simms is not the answer either as Ryan announced earlier today that Smith will reclaim his starting position.

To put things into perspective of just how awful Smith has been for the Jets throughout the course of the season, his last touchdown was completed a mere three days prior to the first pitch of the World Series. The Boston Red Sox and their duck float parade route has subsided ages ago, yet Smith still cannot find the end zone.

After that little factoid ought to make Bostonians gloat and belch some more about their “prowess” in the sports world, it comes as no surprise that the Jets are dead last in the NFL in terms of passing yardage (179.1). They are second to last in points scored (15.8), and to make matters more miserable to a fan base that has endured the “butt-fumble,” their current quarterback has thrown 19 picks and has been sacked 38 times for a total loss of 278 yards.

In fact, Geno Smith’s offensive line is so porous and pathetic, it is worthy to note that his performance against the blitz, actually mirrors that of the man he replaced. With a 49.2 completion percentage and 6.8 yards per attempt against the blitz, Smith’s numbers in these frantic situations is eerily close Mark Sanchez’s in 2012 (49.7, 6.7).

And just for the sake of beating a dead horse, hold onto your blood buckets PETA it’s only an expression, the Jets’ top receiver is Jeremy Kerley. Who?! You might have forgot about him on your fantasy league because after 347 yards and 2 touchdowns, Kerley has not played for the past three weeks due to a dislocated shoulder.

There are many intangibles and nuances involved in a football game, hours of film are crammed down players’ cranium, potential game changing plays are worked tirelessly over practice, and coaches spend many sleepless nights going over and polishing their game plans. But this matchup is almost too obvious, so I’ll spare the minute details.


Jason Tarver‘s defensive unit thrives when blitzing. Nick Roach, Kevin Burnett, Lamarr Houston, and even Mike Jenkins should be able to see plenty of action, bypassing Smith’s sorry offensive line and harassing him to the point of giving up his 20th interception, his 39th sack.

Being a Raider fan I know a bad team and bad quarterbacks for that matter, when I see them, and the Jets are no exception. Geno Smith is not the Raiders Turkey Day foe, Tony Romo. He is not Nick Foles, a quarterback who torched the Raiders and has yet to throw an interception this season. So far in his rookie season, Smith is to the quarterback position what Kazaam was to film.

Alas, everyone can have their day in the parity party that is the NFL. The Jets and Geno have proven that gridiron  virtue already this season downing both Tom Brady and Drew Brees at home. At the end of the day, Sunday afternoon in New Jersey will be a showdown of two bad teams, but after looking at the facts revolving around the Jets’ offense, the Raiders ought to find a way and be triumphant in the Super Bowl of shame.

However, after combing through the statistics, why do I feel that the football gods will inject Geno Smith with enough super powers to leave my face redder than a baboon’s ass?

Hopefully the Raiders are able to divinity out of it and ‘just win baby,’ because against Geno Smith, just showing up might be enough.


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Jeremy is the co-founder of  Football and Futbol , Bay Sports Report Cascadia Sports Sports Report So Cal and Sports Report Arizona


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