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49ers starting to gain momentum moving into December

49ers starting to gain momentum moving into December

With another win under the 49ers belt, they still remain in the sixth spot for the playoffs. Now on a two game winning streak they are gaining momentum coming into December, which is what they need. When it comes to the playoffs, the 49ers control their own destiny, and that is what every team wants to hear.

Kaepernick has come up huge in these two wins. He has completed 34 of 52 with a total of 510 yards and four touchdowns. The past two games his passer rating has been above 100. On top of that he has committed no turnovers.

The football season is coming closer and closer to the playoffs and the 49ers are starting to have their big player’s surface. In the last two games Anquan Boldin has totaled 192 receiving yards with two touchdowns. From week six to week eleven Boldin had only 207 yards with no touchdowns.

With the gaining momentum of Boldin, they also have a big time receiver coming back from injured reserve, Michael Crabtree. The 49ers are going to want to use Crabtree more often now. With Crabtree making a return it opens up existing options for Kaepernick, which are Davis, Boldin, and Gore.

Who the 49ers want to see start to gain momentum is Frank Gore. Gore hasn’t broken 100 yards since week six. This season Gore’s yards per carry are at a career low of 4 yards per carry. If Gore keeps this average up he will break 1000 yards for a third straight year but wont reach the mark of 1200 yards.

Vernon Davis has produced wonderfully for the 49ers and has consistently been the man to throw to in big times for Kaepernick. In the past three games he has caught 12 passes for a total of 185 yards with three touchdowns.

The gaining momentum is directly connected with the solid play of Kaepernick and how he is managing the game. This Sunday, the 49ers will play host to the Seattle Seahawks. If they want any chance of winning against the Seahawks, Kaepernick must keep this trend going. 

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  2. Yes all that ignoring that he did it against the passing defenses of the Redskins and the Rams…smh

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