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Dwight Powell: Big Man on Campus
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Dwight Powell: Big Man on Campus

The Stanford Cardinals haven’t produced an NBA player since Landry Fields was selected by the New York Knicks in 2010 but with Dwight Powell, the three season hiatus looks like it will be coming to an end in 2014. According to draftexpress.com, the 6,10 power forward from Toronto Canada is projected at the 35th pick in a loaded draft that has been anticipated for years.

What makes Powell such an intriguing prospect is his work ethic and versatility. Stanford’s sports performance coach, Juan Pablo Reggiardo looks at Powell as a leader in the weight room along with fellow Senior forward, Josh Huestis.

As important as weight training is, you can lift all the weights you want and it won’t make you one of the top players in the PAC 12 like Powell was last season. His dedication to his training in the off season showed when he came back from an underachieving Sophomore season to lead the team in scoring at 14.9 ppg while grabbing 8.6 rebounds and rejecting a shot per game as a Junior.

You can’t complain when your big man is giving you scoring, rebounding and interior defense but when Powell shot 15-33 from downtown last year at 45% it made him extremely hard to defend. Not to mention his 79% free throw shooting is like icing on the cake for any power forward at any level.

His legit 6’10 frame along with his athleticism, ability to run the floor and shooting touch make him a valuable commodity in today’s NBA that is getting more and more uptempo. Hopefully Powell can avoid injury and put up a monster year for the Cardinals as his draft stock will only go up from here.

And hopefully, we’ll see more plays like this one.


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