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The San Francisco Giants Recipe For Future Success

The San Francisco Giants Recipe For Future Success

The San Francisco Giants have always been the type to take it easy in the off season. Never moving to make a huge splash, well none that never really turned out to well. But this is the future and the recipe has seemed to change after winning the World Series in 2 out of 3 past years. GM Brian Sabean and company finally sound open to spend on their product and supply this team with what they have seemed to lack at points in the past. A sufficient bench, a complete lineup without any holes and a solid starting 5. Front to back. All these areas including a  healthy set of cornerstone players, that spend minimal time missing from their positions.

Manager Bruce Bochy may lose some of his own squad as well. Bench coach Ron Wotus is being looked at as a managerial  candidate for the Seattle Mariners. Other than that Boch has most of the pieces in place to continue a run as one of the winningest managers in MLB history. With the returns of Hunter Pence and Tim Lincecum. Paired with departure of Barry Zito and his contract. The Giants have a few things that need to be addressed early rather than later. LF was such a cluster bunch last year that it has to be the most dyer need once Free Agency opens.

  Angel Pagan back and healthy, after an injury riddled 2013. Would be exactly what is needed. Marco Scutaro returning to his last postseason self and Pablo Sandoval finally stringing together very productive seasons, should add that spark that was not there in all of ’13. Buster Posey just needs to be Buster. If Pence, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt can just manage to contribute in the forms they did last year then they all will be fine. The bench has been the thorn in the side of the Giants for a while. It is imperative that they address this need swiftly, not to let all the players that can fulfill their needs get swooped up before they react.

Pitching wise is where the questions come in. Matt Cain is looking to bounce back from his not so Matt Cain season. He was in no way horrible, but not what you expect from your 100 million dollar ace. Madison Bumgarner is just going to get better, so no issues with that. Lincecum will play the most pivotal role as the 3rd starter. Entering with a new contract and possibly a new outlook on his own situation, will hopefully give Timmy what he needs to regain his Cy Young mentality. Ryan Vogelsong is in a contract year and needs show he is worth resigning in the 2014 offseason. The bullpen will remain pretty much intact as far as personnel goes. I either see them adding a power arm and a fifth starter. Or allowing a few of their own homegrown talent to have a chance to make the big league roster.

The NL west is shaping up to be a pretty darn good division and the Giants will need to keep up with the Los Angeles Dodgers to try and reclaim the west. The San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks are full of up and coming talent that can carry them into playoff run. Well the Colorado Rockies play at Coors and have a couple great hitters. Not so much pitching, but hey its Coors. The Giants are probably in the best position to topple the Bums right now and should strike while the going is good early in the year next season.



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