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Midway-Point: Addressing Important 49er Imperfections
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Midway-Point: Addressing Important 49er Imperfections

The San Francisco 49ers have been steamrolling by each of their opponents (St. Louis, Arizona, Tennessee, Houston, and Jacksonville), scoring at least (30+) points or more. This epic feat hasn’t been accomplished within the 49er franchise ever since the Steve Young days in the vintage “90’s”. The Niners have been on point 3-dimensionally on offense, defense, and special teams; establishing a winning rhythm that can no longer be overlooked. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their rhythm can’t be disrupted. Just like every organization in the NFL league, each team have their own individual imperfections that need to be addressed for the long haul. These are the following half-time adjustments that are in dire need of tedious improvement.

The passing game has been constantly relying on these few aforementioned players: (TE) Vernon Davis and (WR) Anquan Boldin. (WR) Marlon Moore couldn’t keep up with (QB) Colin Kaepernick’s dart-like passes, recording only 1 reception for six yards and a rush for a measly 9 yards (was recently waived). (WR) Quinton Patton offered quite a preseason surge of optimism throughout the wide receiving core, until his unfortunate foot injury against the St. Louis Rams. Furthermore, (WR) Kyle Williams has been practically nonexistent in regards to chunk reception yardage (too many drops). Activating (WR) Mario Manningham will greatly improve the 49ers’ offensive attack, working alongside a “power receiver” and one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. (WR) Michael Crabtree (a.k.a. KingCrab) had 85 receptions for as much as 1100 yards, last season with the “red” and “gold”; his presence on the field would be a tipping monumental factor. However, Crabtree and Manningham are both coming off devastating injuries (knee/ankle), it’ll take awhile before these two dynamic players can get fully adjusted to the aerial attack. What these two players can offer on the field; still remains questionable?

Another significant blemish that has to be inordinately polished is the 49ers’ red zone defense. The Niners have now given up at least 7 rushing touchdowns in the red zone, which is the exact amount they had last year in the (2012-2013) regular season. With sack-master (OLB) Aldon Smith turning himself in due to the weapons charges, his absence on the grass has damaged the Niners’ defensive front from adding that explosive intensifying pressure to the opposing quarterbacks. Confident edge-rusher rookie (OLB) Corey Lemonier has been incorporating a satisfactory pass-rushing technique to keep the quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket, but not as nearly as effective as Aldon Smith himself. The addition of (DL) CornelliusTank” Carradine will supplement (DC) Vic Fangio’s astounding defense in terms of both size and depth at the 3-4 system. On the other hand, the red zone offense is exceptionally “adequate” but not “awe-inspiring” or “extraordinary”; only scoring on a 27 percentile. Kaepernick needs to find an efficient way to score the winning touchdown, within a couple of yards from the goal-line. Whether that may be giving the ball to Gore, running the read-option, using his legs, utilizing a fullback; it’s an interminable (OC) Greg Roman play-calling menu to choose from.

Special teams’ player (WR) Kyle Williams needs to step down from his returning duties and pass the baton to a more efficacious recipient. (RB) LaMichael James hasn’t touched the rock since the (QB) Matt Schaub pick party at “CandleStick Park”, and the 49er coaching staff are already riding on a loaded running-back rotation (Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Anthony Dixon). With James resuming the position at punt/kick returner, the 49ers should have a higher chance at attaining better field position. Since the trade deadline has passed, this sensational Oregon Duck doesn’t want to be selling his insurance policy on the sidelines any longer. Give him more touches!

Finally, these following individuals have to be exploited for their advantageous physical stature: (FB) Bruce Miller, (TE) Vance McDonald, and (WR) Jon Baldwin. Kaepernick has to find a way to distribute the “rock” to these magnificent gifted specimens (more opportunities to stretch the field).

Problematically, these are the main top priorities the Niners must repair before seeing the Carolina Panthers on Nov.10.

Nevertheless, reinforcements are on their way.



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