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Foles, not Barkley, Likely to Start against Raiders
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Foles, not Barkley, Likely to Start against Raiders

Michael Vick will almost certainly be inactive for Sunday’s game against the Raiders, but his backup and competition for the starting spot seems to be healthy enough to play. Nick Foles suffered a concussion against the Cowboys that forced him to miss last week’s game, but after a healthy practice on Tuesday, Eagles coach Chip Kelly confirmed that Foles would be the starter against Oakland. Barring a setback, the matchup against the Eagles should be much more interesting with Foles under center.

The Eagles have had something of a quarterback carousel this season, with Vick, Foles, and Barkley all starting games this season, so it is hard to know for sure what kind of offense the Raiders will see on Sunday, but Chip Kelly’s offense has generally been successful so far. The Eagles haven’t managed to get a touchdown after exploding in the first two weeks, but Nick Foles has been able to run Kelly’s offense with some efficiency. He doesn’t have the same kind of running ability as Vick (at all), but Foles’ arm is well-suited for hitting deep-threat Desean Jackson, who had two touchdowns in his last game with Foles. Foles being under center also opens up the middle of the field for star runningback Lesean McCoy, who currently leads the league in rushing yards. McCoy’s last game with Foles under center averaged 4.6 yards per carry against the Buccaneers for 116 yards, also adding 55 yards through the air. He wasn’t nearly as successful with Barkley under center, so it is good news for Eagles fans that Foles is back. While the team isn’t likely to run much read-option like they were able to run with Vick, McCoy could still enjoy a successful day by traditional runs and screen passes. The Raiders’ strength this season has been a stiff run defense and a disciplined defense that typically doesn’t allow big plays, so it will be very interesting to see if they can handle a high-octane offense like Philadelphia.

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