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Treatment may reduce suspension for Smith

Treatment may reduce suspension for Smith

Aldon Smith had been a major part of the San Francisco 49ers but with his recent troubles with law, he has had to go to rehab.  Smith started receiving treatment for substance abuse after he was arrested for driving under influence with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.  This incident occurred two days before the 49ers were to face the Indianapolis Colts, but Smith still played despite the arrest.


The decision to let him play was widely criticized considering the amount of legal trouble he was already in.  Smith is also facing three felony charges for possession of illegal rifles, stemming back to his party in the summer of 2012.  It has been speculated that Smith would miss the remainder of the season due his troubles with the law and almost certain suspension from Roger Goddell.  But because of Smith goetting help, the NFL may change their original stance against Aldon Smith.


In an interview with CSN Bay Area, Goddell said that “the issue here is not to discipline players, the issue here is to stop the behavior.”  Since Smith has received treatment, the NFL may actually reduce his upcoming suspension, which would not be the case if he did nothing.  It is unclear how long this punishment would be but it may be for the rest of the season.  His suspension could also be delayed till next season due to the legal processes of his crimes.  In any case, he will be suspended by the league.


The 49ers have not missed him in the four games he has been absent.  In fact, the 49ers are 4-0 without Smith and the defense has not missed a beat without his services.  But there is no doubt the 49ers would like him back in the lineup even though his replacements, Dan Skuta and Corey Lemonier, have performed admirably in his absence.  Smith is one of the best outside linebackers in the league and the 49ers would be crazy not to want him back on their stout defense.


It has reported this week that Smith may come back after the bye, which is great news for an already dominant defense.  With the possible additions of cornerback Eric Wright and wide receiver Mario Manningham, the 49ers may be finally rounding into the Super Bowl caliber team we have all been waiting for.  Hopefully all of Smith’s troubles are behind him and barring any unforeseen circumstances, can help this team win a Super Bowl.


What are your thoughts on Aldon Smith’s situation?

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