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Still Raw: Inconsistent Terrelle Pryor Leads Oakland Raiders to Victory

Still Raw: Inconsistent Terrelle Pryor Leads Oakland Raiders to Victory

Terrelle Pryor could not have gotten off to a better start today against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers as he ran for a quarterback record 93 yard touchdown run on the first play. It was the second home game in a row that Pryor scored a touchdown on the first play. As fast as the Oakland Raiders started they finished even slower in the second half. The Raiders couldn’t find a way to put away the Steelers until the final minute of the game. Overall Pryor led the Raiders to a win against the hated rival but he still needs to improve.

“ I saw 56 (Lamar Woodley) bite and I was like Geez, he bit down and Rod (Streater)  made a big block and I was off to the races,” explained Pryor at the post game press conference.

Pryor finished the game with 88 yards passing and 106 yards rushing. You can’t blame Pryor’s terrible passing performance on the offensive line today as they only allowed 2 sacks and held up reasonably well today. You can put some blame on the Raiders wide receivers who looked awful against the Steelers. Rookie Brice Butler dropped two balls one of which went for an interception and Jacoby Ford looked just plain awful once again.

It looked like Pryor was uncomfortable all day in the pocket because he never set his feet and missed a lot of his throws. There might be some lingering uneasiness on Pryor’s part because of the beating he took last week against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Once again the Raiders failed to get the ball to Mychal Rivera and Marcel Reece who both finished with zero receptions. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson must find a way to get Pryor some short completions to help boost his confidence throughout the game. Although Reece had three carries today he is best utilized in the passing attack.

At the end of the day, Pryor once again showed that he has great potential but also needs a lot of work. There is not another quarterback in the NFL who could have taken that read-option for a 93 yard touchdown. However, Pryor also showed that he is a bottom tier quarterback as a pure passer.


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One comment

  1. Couldn’t have explained it better, Jorge. TP’s problem is … his gift of speed.

    TP drops back … never sets his feet … never steps up INTO the pocket. By stepping back or side-to-side, he causes his need to run. Also, when he scrambles to one side of the field, he cuts off his opportunity to throw to the receivers on the other side – like Rivera and Reese (many times).

    QB’s have to have courage … for 3 to 4 seconds (yes, as many as four. Our OL is starting to by him that much time). TP never sets his feet, and never steps up in the pocket. Almost always, he takes off in less than three seconds. What happens in that extra second or two that he should be set in the pocket either zeroing in on his primary receiver or checking down … our receivers are GETTING OPEN!

    Biggest problem is … almost impossible to re-train a player away from what brought him all of his success in college.

    p.s. McGloin is brave, remains in the pocket, makes good decisions, and can throw to anywhere (and any receiver) on the field.

    Bleedin’ Black & Silver

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