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49ers Deliver A Royal Beatdown
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49ers Deliver A Royal Beatdown


The San Francisco 49ers stormed into Wembley Stadium looking to beat the Jacksonville “Juggernauts”, but simply had to face a lowly   Jacksonville Jaguars team that can’t seem to find a way to win. The 49ers not only rolled to a 42-10 victory in the good old UK, but now get to enjoy an off week before returning to Candlestick Park to meet the Carolina Panthers 2 Sundays from now.  QB Colin Kaepernick only threw for 164 yards, but added 2 rushing TDs and another 54 yards to his season totals. After scoring touchdowns on their first 4 drives one by RB Frank Gore, 2 rushing by Kaepernick and a passing to TE Vernon Davis in the corner of the endzone. Chad Henne on the other hand had better passing stats then Kaepernick, but was unsuccessful with moving the ball until later in the second half. Maurice Jones-Drew was held to 75 yards on 19 carries, while counterpart Gore was held to 71 yards and 2 TDs. The 49ers offense was able to run all day long gaining a combined 221 yards. Even Kendall Hunter added a season high 84 yards himself.

Jacksonville on the other hand was never able to get into any kind of groove. Every play that was made had been either followed by a penalty or great defensive play on the other side. The 49ers had seemed to have their hands all over the ball all day with numerous strip tackles forcing one fumble and 5 tackles for losses. Even though the Niners put the ball on the ground 3 times themselves, they were able to recover 2 of them.

Frank Gore

The bye week has come at just the right moment for a 49ers team that has been steaming through opponents. After dropping 30+ points during the 5 game win streak. The 49ers look to get WR Mario Manninghan and possibly LB Aldon Smith back for their week 10 game at home. Yet it may be just a pipe dream that Smith will return by the next time his team touches the field. Smith is still on indefinite leave from the team in a treatment facility. Jacksonville also enters their very own bye week, but on a different note then the 49ers. Look for Blaine Gabbert to be back under center once they return to action versus the Tennesse Titans in week 10.

My prediction from  the Game Preview was pretty spot on, If I do say so myself.  I predicted a relatively lopsided game, with Kaepernick and Gore doing a lot of the scoring. 31-3 is what was predicted, but 42-10 is a very good sign for things to come.

Game Preview (http://www.baysportsreport.com/2013/10/27/game-preview-san-francisco-49ers-jacksonville-jaguars-fron-london/)


Do you think the bye week came at a good time?  Or do you wish they could just roll right into week 9?

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