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Okay Social Media, Can We Stop With the Crazy Trade Ideas Please.

Okay Social Media, Can We Stop With the Crazy Trade Ideas Please.

Look, I love talking about football and baseball as much as the next guy. And I love coming up with fake trades, and playing ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine (I wish they had a mechanism for football and baseball too!). I love talking on fan forums through facebook, and blogs like this very one, but its time to stop with that stuff now. The chatter on social media about these weird trade rumors are going too far. People on Facebook have actually been proposing and discussing a Josh Gordon for LaMichael James and a pick trade. It’s mind boggling to me how people can just say that. LaMichael James is a fourth string running back. Anthony Dixon gets carries over him. ANTHONY FREAKING DIXON. Why would the Browns want a fourth stringer and a high second round pick for their number one receiver?

The Browns are asking for a 1st round pick in exchange for Gordon, which no team is going to give them, so they’re going to want the highest picks they can get, and possibly a player. If you were in GM Trent Baalke’s shoes, would you trade either both second rounders you have, or a second and a third or fourth, for a guy who is staring a one year suspension for substance abuse in the face, after all the Aldon Smith drama? The answer is unequivocally NO. Unless Trent Baalke can pull off something crazy, which doesn’t happen much in football anyway, the San Francisco 49ers are not going to be getting Josh Gordon. He isn’t a good fit for the team anyway.

I believe a much better option at the Wide Receiver spot would be Jacksonville Jaguars Receiver Cecil Shorts. He’s going to be cheaper than Gordon, and Jacksonville has a good one in Justin Blackmon (who is stealing all of Short’s fantasy points!) making Shorts expendable. What do they care? They’re going 0-16 anyways. They need as many draft picks as they can get. Or, if the 9ers can pry away Hakeem Nicks from New York, then I’d take a gamble on that too, but he’s going to cost about as much, maybe a little less than Gordon would, but I like Nicks.

The Niners have help on the way. Mario Manningham is coming back quite soon, and could be active for the game in London, but will most likely be back after the bye week for the Week 10 home game against Carolina. Now, I’m not saying Manningham is the saving grace of this football team, because he was pretty much a non factor last year before his injury, however, he is a body, and the 49ers need bodies at the receiver position right now.

Now, this notion that the Cowboys would actually give up anything short of a 4th round pick for Darren McFadden is also a little far fetched, especially when you add an offensive lineman to the mix. The Cowboys do need some help at the RB position, but DeMarco Murray is coming back soon, and Running Backs are a dime a dozen anyways. Good offensive lineman are not. In fact, I’d say a decent backup offensive lineman is more valuable than a run of the mill RB like McFadden is. The Cowboys need to protect their best asset, Tony Romo, who is having what could be a 5,000 yard season.  Not to mention, McFadden is in the last year of his contract, and has never played a full season in the NFL.

I like the banter, but lets put things in perspective here. Trades aren’t always going to favor your favorite team. In fact, trades usually rarely work the way people intended anyway. Unless, you know, you’re Marco Scutaro or something. And it works even less in football, look at what Indianapolis just did. They traded a first round pick for a running back to replace Donald Brown, and who is the guy on that team that is contributing the most out of the backfield? Its still Donald Brown. There is a reason why most trade rumors you hear, don’t happen, and its usually because they’re crazy enough to become internet rumors in the first place.

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