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Oakland Raiders Should Trade Darren McFadden to Dallas Cowboys

Oakland Raiders Should Trade Darren McFadden to Dallas Cowboys


I got a lot of flak earlier this season for saying that Darren McFadden was no longer a star. It seems like many members of the Raider Nation are finally jumping off of the McFadden bandwagon as he has looked like a shell of himself this season. It’s highly unlikely that Reggie McKenzie will resign McFadden after the season is over so the Oakland Raiders might as well field offers for the oft-injured McFadden.

We all know that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always been infatuated with the Arkansas Razorbacks so it makes too much sense for the Raiders to deal McFadden to the Cowboys. The Cowboys actually drafted McFadden’s running back mate Felix Jones in the same draft as McFadden in 2008. Now that Demarco Murray has gone down with an injury, the Cowboys are actually in need of a running back.

When you watch game film of the Raiders this season you can clearly see that McFadden’s porous numbers are not really McFadden’s fault. Within a second of touching the ball, opposing defenses are already hitting McFadden. The Raiders terrible offensive line has been awful this season which has made the running game almost obsolete. The Cowboys have a more balanced offense that can help create some room for the explosive McFadden.



The Cowboys are on the verge of an epic salary cap crisis that Raiders fans are all too familiar with. McFadden’s lack of production in recent years will bring down his value which would probably make him a bargain re-sign for the Cowboys in the offseason. If the Raiders and the Cowboys were to make a deal they would have to swap players and draft picks because the Cowboys would go over the salary cap by acquiring McFadden.

An ideal trade between the Cowboys and Raiders would involve the Cowboys giving the Raiders an offensive lineman and a mid-round draft pick. We all know how awful the Raiders offensive line has been over the year so any extra body will help the franchise immensely. While many probably think McFadden is worth more than a mid-round draft pick, his injury history has dropped his value.

General Manager Reggie McKenzie has shown that he has an eye for sleeper picks in the mid-round so a 5th round draft pick could work wonders for the team. The Cowboys window to win a championship is closing fast because of their salary cap problems so giving up a 5th round pick is a cheap price to pay for a running back of McFadden’s caliber.


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  1. I said exact same thing weeks before draft

  2. Another Al Davis bust. This guy has a glass body.

  3. Beef up the off. Line first

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