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The San Francisco Giants have resigned Tim Lincecum to a two year, $35 Million Dollar deal, which is about 17.2 Million dollars per year.¬†Resigning Pence and Lincecum were the Giant’s number one priority this offseason, and they have accomplished both. They can now focus their efforts on bringing in a right handed power hitter, and another starting pitcher to replace Ryan Vogelsong and Barry Zito.

This was going to be another post about who the Giants should target in the offseason, and Pitchers Masaharo Tanaka and Matt Garza were certainly going to be on the list. Now, I am not sure they go after either, although Tanaka would still make some sense, he’s now almost assuredly out of the Giants price range and Garza no longer makes sense for the Giants, as he too will demand a high price tag at around what Lincecum makes. The Giants will now focus their efforts on bringing in a right handed hitter with power. Not necessarily a Left Fielder, although, it is a weakness for this team, they need a bat, regardless of what position he plays.

17 Million is a high price to pay, but that is what good pitching costs now a days, and don’t be fooled, Tim Lincecum still falls under the good pitching category, carrying one of the lowest ERA’s of the second half of the season. The two time Cy Young award winner carries a career 3.46 era into next season, and will be welcomed back with open arms in the clubhouse, on the field, and surely on the internet.

Stay tuned for part two of this post, updating the list of free agents the Giants should realistically consider.

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