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49ers: (CB) Tramaine Brock “Making A Name for Himself”

49ers: (CB) Tramaine Brock “Making A Name for Himself”



Coming from the 49ers’ midst of anonymity, (CB) Tramaine Brock is proving that he is perfectly capable to play the “game” with tremendous confidence and tenacity just as well as the star rookies/veterans who take the field. His transition from the special teams’ unit to (No.3) cornerback has percolated his “name” throughout the 49er organization like wildfire. The undrafted free agent climbed the 49er meritocracy ladder slowly but surely; administering key “plays” for the 49ers whenever the stakes were high.

Brock never took each given opportunity for granted; he always delivered on both ends of the spectrum either on special teams or at cornerback. Against the Houston Texans, the imposing cornerback intercepted (QB) Matt Schaub twice; including the pick-six into the end zone for the effortless touchdown. Brock was named the NFC defensive player for week 5, and took over Nnamdi Asomugha’s (No.3) position at nickel cornerback. Indubitably speaking, Brock has been a fine addition to this San Francisco (49ers) defensive secondary.


Tramaine Brock (@49ers)

Tramaine Brock (@49ers)

In college, the Mississippi Bulldog (Gulf Coast) recorded 72 tackles, 7 interceptions, and 2 forced fumbles as a defensive “safety” in his sophomore season. The talented athlete was then transferred to the University of Minnesota, where his previous stat production showed no signs of football rust whatsoever. During his junior year at the “U of M”, he led his team with an astounding 71 tackles and three forced fumbles. However, due to his academic struggles in the classroom he was suspended for failing to keep up his GPA.

Therefore, he returned to Mississippi finishing off his senior year at Belhaven University playing for the “NAIA” (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). After not being selected in the (2010) NFL Draft, the 49ers were the only team to offer Brock a reasonable contract. Interestingly enough, Brock had a flashy resume earning first-team All American honors as a sophomore at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, receiving third-team All-America accolades from JC Grid-Wire, and a first team all-conference nod. Moreover, Brock chose the University of Minnesota over big name football contenders such as Southern Miss, South Carolina, and Louisville. How could this decorated individual go unnoticed within the NFL league? Was it just because he came from a small-school atmosphere? (wow).

Thanks to the 49ers’ opportunistic gesture, (CB) Tramaine Brock is finally making a “name for himself” in the NFL.





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