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BSR Exclusive Interview with Victor Bernardez

BSR Exclusive Interview with Victor Bernardez



On the field, Victor Bernardez seems to be a tough guy, with an even tougher exterior. Outside of the field, he is a very humble, down to earth athlete, with a very positive outlook on life. Bay Sports Report had the pleasure to interview him after Friday’s practice with the San Jose Earthquakes, where we mostly spoke about the accomplishment of qualifying for the World Cup with the Honduran national team:

Bay Sports Report (BSR): Did you have time to celebrate the qualification to the World Cup?

Victor Bernardez (VB): Not really. Marvin Chavez and I got to Honduras at 3am after we left from Jamaica. On Wednesday, I flew to Houston for personal reasons and just came back to San Jose last night.

BSR: What are your thoughts about making it to the qualification of the World Cup?

VB: It was team work; the qualification was really important. But now it’s time to think about making history in Brazil, and try to get the round of sixteen.

BSR: So as a National Team, your goal is to go farther than what you achieved against Spain (Olympics 2012) and in South Africa (World Cup 2010).

VB: Absolutely, we are determined to achieve that goal. With the help of God, hopefully everything will turn out good in Brazil; we have a great group and I’m really proud of my national team. Now it’s time to work hard and get a spot on the World Cup roster.

BSR: I watched videos of the Honduras national team bus, and all the players were singing religious songs and having a good time. You can tell that the union of the group is the key of Honduras’ success.

VB: Indeed, in our national team, there are no stars. Every player wants to succeed, and every one treats each other like a brother. When it is time to laugh, we laugh and when it is time to be serious, everyone works professionally.

BSR: Honduras has participated for the past five years in the U-17 World Cup, U-20 World Cup, Summer Olympics and two World Cups. Are we in the golden era of Honduran soccer?

VB: Absolutely, I think we have to keep working hard and demonstrate a lesson for the future generations, so we can make it a routine to go to all the important tournaments. The important thing is to qualify because of the hard work we have done, not because of casualty.

BSR: Reinaldo Rueda and Luis Fernando Suarez, both Colombian coaches, have taken Honduras to a World Cup. Does the Colombian coaching style fit perfectly with the Honduran player?

VB: I’ve had the blessing of being coached by both coaches. Both implemented their style in the national team, and we have been really blessed to have them as a coach; they are both great professionals, and we still have the chance to keep learning from them.

BSR: Can you tell us what’s the main difference between the coaching styles of Reinaldo Rueda and Luis Fernando Suarez?

VB: I think the big difference is the way they their trainings; they have their own philosophy.

BSR: In your opinion, which one was the break point match in the final Hexagonal?

VB: Without a doubt, the win against Mexico in Mexico City. The Aztecaso opened the doors to see the qualification closer for our team; it was the dream game for all of us. Thank God we won and completed the mission.

BSR: Honduras is scheduled to play against Brazil and Ecuador in November, are you expecting to get called for both games?

VB: If God wants to, I’m going to be called for those games. Most of the Honduras players are competing to get a place on the 23 man roster for the World Cup. I think these games can be a good preparation for all of us.

BSR: Now let’s talk about the San Jose Earthquakes. There is key game against Los Angeles Galaxy this weekend, and only two more games in the regular season. What’s your opinion?

VB: It will be a really difficult game; it’s always tough to play against the Galaxy. We have to do our best in these last two games. If we qualify to the playoffs, we will be more than happy.

BSR: Good luck with the Earthquakes this weekend and with the Honduran national team.

VB: Thank you very much and God bless.

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