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Terrelle Pryor hard at work during bye week

Terrelle Pryor hard at work during bye week



After an appalling showing in which he was sacked 10 times and threw three interceptions, Terrelle Pryor is taking steps to avoid repeating such a performance. Having originally planned to take a few days off during the bye week and then spend time working with a personal mechanics coach, Pryor and offensive coordinator Greg Olson instead will be analyzing film together csnbayarea.com reported.

“He’s very hard on himself, which is a good thing, but he’s also got to understand to take a deep breath,” Olson said about the quarterback according to the same report. “You can coach him hard and he takes the coaching. He tries to come back and take in what you’re telling him and be better the next week. He’s what you’re looking for there as far as a player that’s trying to get better.”

Head coach Dennis Allen said he is invested in Pryor, not just for the present but also for the team’s future, after Monday’s practice according to the same news source. “He’s still a young player,” Allen said. “That was only his fifth start of the season. So he still has a lot growing to do and a lot of getting better to do, but he’s a talented player and we’re going to try and continue to build with him and try to grow with him.”

Following a potential shake-up when it was reported the Oakland Raiders were courting then-free agent Josh Freeman, it is surely a relief for Pryor that the organization didn’t go that direction and that his coach publically said that he is without doubt the quarterback of the Raiders – but clearly he is not taking his position for granted.

Although the results on the field may not reflect that of a star quarterback in the NFL, Pryor certainly has conducted himself as such. No one forced him to stay put and study. He made that decision on his own and evidently his coaches are willing to do so also. If this type of work ethic continues, then his efforts should eventually pay dividends for him and the team. It may not pan out this season, but it should in the near future.

Growing pains are expected in a young quarterback just as Allen said. While his performances aren’t as consistent as everyone in the organization has hoped for, he has shown the ability to be a difference maker and has the capability of being a leader. Pryor is a superstar in the making. It may be difficult to be patient right now, but it is necessary. Allen knows it and Pryor is willing to work for it. Only time will tell, but aside from Kansas City game there is no reason to believe Pryor cannot develop into top-tier NFL quarterback.

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  1. Terrell Pryor, Al’s boy. And he is still here. I love it. There is no question about the size of this kids heart and the will to work and get better. And this is what stars are made of. If the entire team takes after their QB, then we are looking at a team that will sake the NFL. Not only this season but the next and especially the third season. The team needs to learn from their QB.

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