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Unraveling The Titans and Lighting Up The Scoreboard: 49ers Take On Tennessee

Unraveling The Titans and Lighting Up The Scoreboard: 49ers Take On Tennessee

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After a crucial win over division rival Arizona Cardinals the 49ers take their 3 game winning streak to Tennessee to face the Titans, who look to the home field advantage for a spark after losing two straight to the Chiefs and the Seahawks. The Titans played Seattle pretty well in the first half, specifically on defense, which has been their only hope lately. The Titans offense is primarily focusing on running the ball with Chris Johnson, with Jake Locker just practicing once again, a run first attack, with stiff defensive play are what the Titans do. The 49ers should expect the Titans to try and set the tempo on defense right away, getting the crowd rowdy early on to keep Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense in check. With the 49ers looking to run it down Tennessee’s throat anyways it could play out well for the 49ers once their offense gets in rhythm.

This game could start off slow, a defensive slug fest, then open up if the 49ers stay as explosive as they have been these past few weeks. The Titans with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm will have to get Chris Johnson involved early, otherwise it could be a long day for Fitzpatrick and his receiving core. Expect the 49ers secondary to show their superiority in this game. The 49ers must go into Tennessee and show that they are not looking back from their two early season losses. The 49ers need to win the battle up front on both sides of the ball, and play hard to the very end.

The Titans just don’t match up with the talent of the 49ers. The 49ers should also win the battles in the secondary, making the Titans one dimensional early, will force Tennessee to pass once Chris Johnson is contained. The 49ers should get push in the backfield enough to disrupt Fitzpatrick’s game, Eric Reid and the rest of the secondary could get a couple of turnovers in this one. Nate Washington and Kenny Britt should be handled well by Carlos Rogers and Terrell Brown on the outside, the main concern should be slot receiver Kendall Wright, who has established himself as a reliable possession receiver for Tennessee. In the end I just don’t see the Titans winning any individual match-ups at the skill positions, and the 49ers should be able to neutralize Chris Johnson just enough to stop the Titans offensive attack completely. Prediction: Game starts out slow, ground and pound, with a dash of smash mouth defense. The pace will pick up by the second half and thats when the 49ers should run away with this one, in the second half, extending their winning streak to 4 with an easy win over Tennessee.


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