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49ers Fans: A Fine Line Between “Competition” and “Sportsmanship”

49ers Fans: A Fine Line Between “Competition” and “Sportsmanship”


Undoubtedly, if you play in the “NFL league”, there is no question about it; you will face life-threatening situations/injuries.  The beauty of NFL football is the exhilarating competition that thrives between the two teams who step foot onto the field. Football is a game that utilizes brute physicality, sophistication, time management, stamina, leadership, cooperation, and player-like “sportsmanship”.

In the last final minutes of the 4th quarter, key (DE) Calais Campbell tried to strip the ball out of (RB) Frank Gore’s hands, but instead his head got trapped in the trenches landing awkwardly on his neck rendering him motionless on the field. During the time that Campbell was receiving medical attention, a good majority of 49er fans decided to start a “wave” around “Candlestick Park” for celebratory purposes (wow). The Niner organization surrounded the fallen colleague, giving him words of encouragement, the well-deserved individual praise, and heartwarming prayers. Both teams showed considerable “respect” for the talented (2008) 2nd round-pick out of Miami. After a series of MRI and CT scans, the results from Stanford hospital indicated that the star defensive end would be able to return to the field in no time. (injury:“bruised spine”)

(49ers:CEO) Jed York tweeted that “he was disappointed that some of the Niner fans did the wave during Campbell’s injury”.

The 49er fans need to exhibit more class and respectful verbal restraint during situations like these. It is absolutely unacceptable to cheer for a fallen opponent on the field; regardless if you already know the game is over, or if the injury sways in your favor. The regular season is a big deal, but it’s not as important as actual “people” getting hurt at the line of scrimmage. These gifted athletes have earned the right to play in such a competitive league, and are paid an enormous amount of money to do what they love (“to play football”). Every football game is action-packed, thrilling, intoxicating, and extremely exciting to watch “because” of what these players bring to the field. Each of these decorated players is the reason why we even have “football” in the first place. Don’t you think they deserve our undivided attention, if one of them sustains a disastrous career-ending injury?

Here are a couple of people within the NFL league who have lost their lives during a game:

(RB) Stone Johnson/ KC Chiefs (neck injury; in game) 1963

(WR) Chuck Hughes/ Detroit Lions (cardiac arrest; in game) 1971

(OG) Howard Glenn/New York Titans (neck injury; in game) 1960

Anything can happen on the football field.

This distasteful gesture coming from some of the fans at “Candlestick Park” will be an eye-opener for other “NFL” fan-bases across the United States.

This utter disdain and lack of respect/courtesy is not to be tolerated in the “NFL” period.


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