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Pryor Planted:  10 Sacks and 3 INT’s Spell Disaster

Pryor Planted: 10 Sacks and 3 INT’s Spell Disaster

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers


The Oakland Raiders were coming off a thrilling victory against the San Diego Chargers and seemed to have some momentum in this game early but it all fell apart almost the same as two weeks ago when like today, the Raiders led early and shut out the teams in the first quarter, then gave up 24 unanswered to finish the game.  The only difference was that this time, Terrell Pryor was shut down and manhandled like he hadn’t seen yet.

Pryor had possibly his worst game thus far in the NFL throwing three interceptions including one returned for a touchdown to seal the victory late in the fourth.  Pryor was also sacked 10 times for 67 total yards while only running for 60.  The offensive line somehow managed to do worse than ever and it didn’t help that the receivers seemed like they couldn’t get away from the Kansas City Chiefs secondary quick enough to help Pryor get the ball out of his hands.  However it isn’t only the offense Oakland has to blame.

Aside from the secondary, the Oakland defense seems to run out of gas as soon as the first quarter ends.  For the second time in three weeks, they gave up 24 points after a scoreless first quarter.  The pass rush came quick and swiftly in the first quarter this week getting three sacks for 23 yards followed by 3 quarters of futility.  The team hasn’t looked tired so it doesn’t look like a conditioning problem, it just looks as if they lose focus and get down on themselves until it gets so bad they can’t recover.

The Raiders continue to dig themselves in a whole in the division with a disappointing showing, including another missed field goal by Sebastian Janikowski who may be losing some of his magic without long time friend and holder, Shane Lechler.  The division is all but lost for the season being in the same division as the only two undefeated teams left, but they can still use this season to gain experience for Pryor and hopefully plan well for the draft.

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