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Oakland Athletics: Its All Up From Here

Oakland Athletics: Its All Up From Here



Yes, the Oakland Athletics lost in game 5 of the ALDS for the second straight year to the Detroit Tigers and it seems like things will never change in Oakland.  But the silver liner of the whole situation is that the A’s have now won 2 straight division titles and they improved from last season to this one.  Only now the offseason should be quiet for the players to rest up and grow as a team.

Oakland for the first time in many years, may not lose too many of their big name stars to higher contracts in bigger cities.  Grant Balfour, the all star closer who shined most of the year will be a free agent and will no doubt shop around although has publicly stated that he loves it in Oakland and would be open to resigning if the right offer comes along.  Bartolo Colon, the veteran hidden among young aces, who will turn 41 in May of next season, is also a free agent and after an 18 win season it wouldn’t be surprising to see other teams seeking his attention, but Billy Beane stated that Colon was happy this year in Oakland and may look to close his career out here.

The two players who more than likely will be traded are veteran catcher Kurt Suzuki who was acquired from the Washington Nationals late in the season, and Chris Young who just played way too far under his pay grade.  Suzuki would be the fourth catcher on the roster and with his high contract and promising young talent in the A’s back pocket, it wouldn’t make sense to keep him, although his experience and service will be much appreciated, especially from these young pitchers.  Chris Young who was the highest paid player on the team this year failed to live up to his potential and has much too high of a contract for the A’s really even to consider.

So next year looks promising for Oakland and with the added success, Beane has also added that more spending money for more talent may be available as well, which could bring in even more talent to a constantly improving roster.

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