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Breaking Down TP2: Is Terrelle Pryor A Franchise Quarterback

Breaking Down TP2: Is Terrelle Pryor A Franchise Quarterback

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With Week 6 starting, Terrelle Pryor has officially emerged as a threat at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. He has improved exponentially each week and is quickly turning into one of the most electric players in the league this season. He has proven week in and week out that he is the quarterback of the future for the Raiders in this season, but just in case there are still doubters out there, here’s a few numbers that should help calm them down.


This is Pryor’s completion percentage from within the pocket. Most doubters of Terrelle Pryor will look at his tape from last year and assume that keeping him contained will eliminate most of his threat. However, Pryor’s flipped the switch this season and has developed into quite an effective threat from the pocket. He started his last game 10/10 and looked virtually unstoppable. It’ll be interesting to see if he can continue this against the KC secondary. This stat is even more impressive seeing as how the offensive line of the Raiders has been banged up since the preseason.


This is Terrelle Pryor’s rushing yardage, good for 23rd in the NFL and 3rd best among QB’s (keeping in mind that he missed week 4). Pryor has only relied on his legs when necessary, but he has looked downright stunning as a runner. He has the strength to stiffarm, the speed to outrun most players in the league, and now the smarts to slide before getting hit. While the yardage is impressive in and of itself, it’s the efficiency with which Pryor runs that is really special. Pryor’s 6.2 yards per carry is tied for second in the NFL, thanks partly to 4 runs of 20+ yards (also tied for second). This is ahead of most of the best backs in the NFL, by the way, including Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, CJ Spiller, and Reggie bush. No matter how you look at it, Pryor’s running ability is exceptional. This is even more impressive when you remember that he missed an opportunity to play against


This is how many yards per play Terrelle Pryor has averaged through the air, good for seventh in the NFL. It seems as though the Raiders receivers may finally be able to take advantage of this vertical offense, and Pryor is doing a wonderful job of operating. He has regularly thrown his receivers open and thrown beautiful pass after beautiful pass. He still has to grow more consistent on deep balls, but Pryor seems to be excelling in the intermediate passing game.


This is Terrelle Pryor’s interception percentage, or interceptions per pass attempt. Pryor has been very careful with the football this season, only throwing two interceptions on 104 pass attempts, good for sixth in the NFL. Only Locker, Manning, Vick, Romo, and Luck have been more careful with the football.


With these numbers, it’s not terribly surprising that Pryor has gained attention. Kurt Warner has even rated Pryor as the fifth-best quarterback in the NFL this season. While that may have been surprising to some, the numbers above definitely support his theory. Pryor has room to develop and is already a force to be reckoned with, so Raiders fans should definitely be looking forward to their bright future behind their new franchise QB.

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