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Are Aldon Smith’s days numbered in San Francisco?

Are Aldon Smith’s days numbered in San Francisco?



Aldon Smith was one of the most feared pass rushers at the beginning of the season.  He has become an elite pass rusher in this league but now the 49ers may not see him for the rest of the season.  Earlier this week, it was reported by NBC Bay Area that Smith may be facing three felony charges of possession of assault weapons.  These charges are related to the party at Smith’s home in June 2012 where he and Delanie Walker allegedly used these weapons.

This is on top of the DUI that occurred earlier this season in San Jose.  As a result, the 49ers suspended Smith indefinitely.  He was sent to rehab and is unclear when he will come back.  With these new charges, it does not look like he will be coming back anytime soon.

It does not look good for Smith since all these charges and lawsuits are still pending.  We haven’t even heard from Roger Goddell and what type of punishment he will hand down to the Pro Bowl linebacker.  Smith was supposed to be the second coming of Charles Haley, a relentless pass rusher that led the 49ers to three Super Bowl victories.  Smith was supposed to be the missing piece in the 49ers stout defense and the key to the 49ers winning the Super Bowl.

He didn’t help the team last year against the Ravens but mostly because he was not healthy.  Now he is healthy but he can’t help the team because of his issues with the law.  It is going to be very tough for the 49ers to make a run at the Super Bowl without an elite pass rusher.  It helps that Ahmad Brooks is a great pass rusher but Dan Skuta and Corey Lemonier are unseasoned and don’t have the talent that their counterparts have.

If these issues keep coming up with Smith, the 49ers may need to cut ties with their Pro Bowl linebacker.  Smith will be a free agent in 2015 but I’m not sure he will last that long with the 49ers.  He does the 49ers no good if he is on the bench and dealing with legal issues.  Hopefully these charges are dropped and this will be a mute issue but if Smith is charged, the 49ers may have to look for another elite pass rusher.  The problem with this is, as 49ers fans know, elite pass rushers are tough to come by.

Are Smith’s days numbered in San Francisco?

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