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Oakland Raiders Cut Matt Flynn: What Does Flynn Mistake Say About McKenzie?

Oakland Raiders Cut Matt Flynn: What Does Flynn Mistake Say About McKenzie?

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The Oakland Raiders have moved on from their supposed heir apparent quarterback Matt Flynn today. From the moment he first donned the silver and black uniform Flynn has looked like the backup to JaMarcus Russell that he once was in college. While the Raiders will not miss Flynn at all, his quick departure calls into question general manager Reggie McKenzie’s ability to scout talent.

One hundred percent of the blame for the Flynn debacle should be on McKenzie who had years to scout Flynn dating back to their years in Green Bay. Although McKenzie has done a remarkable job cleaning house and getting the Raiders salary cap in order for next year, he has not shown that he is a great talent evaluator. McKenzie’s lone big free agent signing last year Mike Briesel has looked awful in his two years with the Raiders. While McKenzie didn’t get to select his first player until the third round in 2012, his pick Tony Bergstrom does not look like he is cut out to be an NFL player.

At the end of the day, McKenzie made a huge mistake that has cost the Raiders salary cap room. I doubt Matt Flynn is ever in the conversation to be a starter in the NFL again. It looks like the Raiders are going to be looking for a veteran backup quarterback to replace Flynn, which does not bode well for McKenzie’s other mistake Tyler Wilson. ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski was correct in his assessment of Flynn earlier in the offseason when he called Flynn the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.

Flynn’s downfall came after the injury to left tackle Jared Veldheer. Many analysts thought Flynn was the best quarterback on the roster during training camp but that was when Flynn was not getting touched by defenders. Another factor was that the Raiders front seven was dealing with injuries so they could not get a pass rush during practice. After Flynn’s horrific start against the Saints in the third preseason game, it became obvious to everyone that Flynn was not the answer to the Raiders quarterback problems.

Hopefully, this will be the last major blunder for McKenzie in the foreseeable future. Having 70 million in cap space means nothing if McKenzie can’t find the right talent to fill out the roster.



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  1. You know what I think it says about McKenzie? He thought he had someone good and a lot of people thought he would be good, in Seattle and here in Oakland. Quickly he realized it wasn’t what the team needed.

    You know what he did? Got rid of him.

    That is infinitely better to me as a long time fan than the series of coaches who kept their personal favorites for years and years on the off chance they would become successful. Considering how much cap room is being cleared up next year, I’m OK with taking this hit, especially because maybe the competition did kick Pryor into high gear and helped him become the decent high potential starter he is right meow. Kudos to McKenzie for admitting a mistake and letting go, and moving on. Fans should do the same.

  2. I have to agree. It takes a lot of courage and character to make things right when you are wrong. He did it right, You never know if a player is going to turn out, until game time. And as far as Wilson goes, Ken Stabler sat on the bench for six years before he had his shot. Just because someone is not playing right now does not mean anything. Pryor is in his third year. I like where the team is and going. I just hope he goes and gets McCarron’s from Alabama in the draft.

  3. I think he has done a decent job as GM. I mean, you can’t hit on 100% of your decisions and no GM ever will. But as others have mentioned what I do like is that he’s willing to admit his mistakes and move on from them. It takes one hell of a ballsy GM to release all those bloated contracts essentially paying them to not play for the silver and black. Not to mention his release of our 4th round pick Wilson this year. As for Bergstrom keep keep in mind he was drafted while a different blocking scheme was in place which he was assumed to be a perfect fit in from what I’ve heard. However we have now moved on to the power block scheme and that doesn’t really suit his strengths. Anyways, I like what he’s done so far as far as finding cheap serviceable talent on defense. I’m not to critical of him as of yet because he’s really been limited in what he can do with signings and even draft picks. You can argue that this upcoming season will be his true first season to see what he can do with a full draft, free agent signings and trades (if any).

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