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Oakland Survives:  Gray Outlasts Verlander in 1st Playoff Start
Sonny Gray (@Athletics)

Oakland Survives: Gray Outlasts Verlander in 1st Playoff Start

Sonny Gray (@Athletics)

Sonny Gray (@Athletics)

Game two started a little different from game one because it was a must-win, and gambling with the rookie paid off.  When game two started, the Oakland Athletics fan base was a little more cautious almost waiting for something bad to happen.  And the A’s did their best to stress out the crowd all night leaving the game at 0-0 until the 9th inning.  The closers came in and the A’s outlasted the “heavy hitting” Detroit Tigers.

The Tigers haven’t scored a run since the first inning of game 1.  So with their offense struggling this would be the opportune moment to wake up the bats a little.  Well they all failed until the bottom of the ninth inning.  Stephen Vogt came up to bat after striking out 3 times already in the game, and he redeemed himself by hitting in the most consistent player so far for Oakland, Yoenis Cespedes.

Cespedes has gone 4-8 this postseason so far including a triple and a home run in game one, and the game winning run in game 2.  He has been the A’s postseason offense.  The rest of the team needs to step up for game 3 because if they try and rely on Cespedes to beat the Tigers on their home field, they will be in trouble and down 2-1 in the series.  The A’s need a victory to make sure that a possible series ending game would be at home for them.

If the A’s can sneak away with game 3 and regain their home field advantage, they will be right back in this series and one step closer to the ALCS for the first time since 2006 when the Tigers beat them.  The Tigers seem to be all that is standing in the way for Oakland, and if they can win this series, they may be ready to go to the World Series finally.

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