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Is WR Jon Baldwin Ready to Make an Impact?

Is WR Jon Baldwin Ready to Make an Impact?

Jon Baldwin

A lot is to be expected for the young receiver out of Pennsylvania, especially after Quinton Patton’s unfortunate injury (foot) against the St.Louis Rams. With Patton out of the wide receiver mix, it will be up to the 2011 first-round pick (WR) Jon Baldwin to make the critical “3rd down conversion”.  (WR) Anquan Boldin has been shouldering the offensive load for too long now. There has got to be another vertical threat down the field that opposing defenses need to be aware of.

Baldwin caught 2 receptions for an adequate total of 19 yards against the St.Louis Rams. His first two receptions as a 49er has enticed head coach Jim Harbaugh to provide this player with extra opportunities on the field. Baldwin’s physicality provides favorable mismatches for defensive cornerbacks and safeties with his (6’4) 230 lb. frame. The 26th overall pick went to the Kansas City Chiefs where he recorded 41 catches equaling up to 579 yards; including only two touchdowns in his NFL career. The Chiefs’ coaching
staff then realized that this player had some glaring deficiencies with his receiving game. Being known as a player who drops many of his “passes”, the towering receiver was finally traded to the San Francisco 49ers, hoping that a “change of scenery” would improve his production value (same story for WR A.J. Jenkins). Conclusively, after Baldwin’s cinematic 3
rd down receptions against the Rams; the 49ers should feel absolutely optimistic for their offseason acquisition.

No.84 has been putting in the extra work with his new (QB) Colin Kaepernick; working on his timing, routes, and “consistency” catching the fast-ball. He has already been taking scholarly notes regarding the Texans’ secondary; what they do well and vice versa. Moreover, Baldwin is having a better understanding of how this Greg Roman offense works on the field compared to his previous offensive assignments as a KC chief. Tomorrow will unravel whether or not Baldwin can be that No.2 “reliable” receiver.

Baldwin said, “I’m just looking forward to each and every day and making the best of my opportunities.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh has given Baldwin the “opportunity” to showcase his competitive tenacity against the Houston Texans this Sunday night.

Let’s hope that “opportunity” doesn’t go to waste.


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