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Ex-Cardinal QB “John Skelton” snatches “golden” opportunity?

Ex-Cardinal QB “John Skelton” snatches “golden” opportunity?



It is official; QB John Skelton signed a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. What led the 49ers’ front office to make such a rash decision when they already have (QB) Colt McCoy and seventh-round pick (QB) B.J. Daniels on the active roster?

Understandably, Skelton does have the veteran experience under his belt with 15 touchdown passes, threw the rock for 3,707 yards, and had a passer rating of at least (63.0) percent. Let us all keep in mind that this veteran has a total of 25 interceptions on his resume. On the contrary, Daniels had a breakout preseason debut recording 178 passing yards, completing three touchdown passes, and had “zero” interceptions. McCoy has a total of 4,388 passing yards, a (74.8) passer rating, 21 TD passes, and 21 notable interceptions. Once Daniels was placed on the 49ers’ practice squad, the Seattle Seahawks took advantage of the opportunity and immediately claimed him
off the waivers (typical). Beforehand, the veteran was called to audition for 
the Tennessee Titans after the loss of QB Jake Locker to a strained hip injury. The ex-Cardinal didn’t receive a call back from “Music City”, but did receive a call from the (2012-2013) NFC champions. Skelton will now be competing for McCoy’s No.2 spot and judging from both these players’ numbers, either one of them can fill the “back-up” role. Daniels did make a statement during the preseason that he has the “potential” to be a back-up QB; however, Coach Jim Harbaugh was probably aiming for a player with a veteran consistency (irony). Skelton does have the arm-strength and experience to work the pocket behind a solid O-line. Is this player really worth dumping a 7th round pick that could possibly be another steal for the 49ers?

It is absolutely essential that the 49ers execute an emphasis towards their receiving core (offense), instead of upgrading positions that already have the proper replacements in order. For instance, newly acquired LB Jermaine Cunningham also signed a one-year deal with the 49ers to fill in for OLB Aldon Smith. Did LB Corey Lemonier and LB Dan Skuta not prove that they can in fact “deliver” the pressure against the QB? (look what happened in St.Louis)

Coming from an “offensive standpoint”, these are the few candidates that the 49ers should keep an eye on: WR Josh Gordon (Browns), WR Kenny Britt (Titans), WR Miles Austin (Cowboys), and maybe even WR Hakeem Nicks (Giants).


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