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Is Cleveland’s Josh Gordon a perfect “fit” for the 49ers?
Josh Gordon (@Browns)

Is Cleveland’s Josh Gordon a perfect “fit” for the 49ers?

Josh Gordon (@Browns)

Josh Gordon (@Browns)


The San Francisco 49ers are officially a quarter through the (2013-2014) NFL regular season. The Niners’ defensive depth is solid at best, having viable
replacements for each position. On the other hand, the offensive layout is still struggling to find its “golden” stride with their receivers, especially
on 3
rd down conversions. WR Anquan Boldin has been the No.1 target for positive yardage down the field. Everyone thought rookie Quinton Patton
would be the next No. 2 receiver on the list; however, that will not be the case due to his injury (fractured foot) against the St.Louis Rams. WR Jon
Baldwin finally had his first 49er debut recording two receptions for 19 yards against the Rams’ secondary unit. Undoubtedly, he will be receiving more snaps against the Houston Texans on Sunday night. Pro-Bowler TE Vernon Davis and Boldin need another dynamic player to help stretch the field and ward off double-team coverage. Why not Cleveland’s Josh Gordon?

The Cleveland Browns are obviously in a rebuilding process, already trading one of the best running-backs to play the game (Trent Richardson) to the Indianapolis Colts. If this isn’t a sign that the Browns are indeed starting over from scratch, trading their star receiver (WR Josh Gordon) will just do the trick. Regrettably, Gordon did have a 2-game suspension due to substance abuse just before he made his 2013 debut. His issues off the field have been posing a problem for the Browns, which is a significant reason why he could be the next victim on the trading block. He caught 10 receptions for a total of 140+ yards, shockingly upsetting the Minnesota Vikings last week. The (6’3/225 lbs.) emerging star from Baylor University would greatly compliment the 49ers’ lethargic line-up of receivers (disregarding Boldin & Davis). Cleveland does expect another 2014 first-round pick from any team that is shopping for the talented receiver before the Oct.29 trade deadline. 

WR Mario Manningham is expected to come off the PUP list after the 49ers’ game against the Arizona Cardinals at home. Additionally, it is still too early to tell when WR Michael Crabtree will return from his Achilles injury. The 49ers’ “power-run” offense and passing attack consisting of Davis and Boldin can only do so much. Should GM Trent Baalke work the phones before the trade deadline or patiently wait for the troops (Manningham, Crabtree) to arrive?

Is WR Josh Gordon worth one of the 49ers’ (2014) first-round picks or is this another Aldon Smith scenario in the making?


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  1. Profile photo of Steve Fishman

    No no no. Gordon is another headache that the 9ers don’t need. He’s definitely not worth a first round pick either. Cecil Shorts or Antonio Brown are far better options for the 9ers.

    • Profile photo of Jerome Oribello

      Thanks for the input Fishman. The 2 receivers you just mentioned are other great alternatives as well to fill in the 49er receiver void. Furthermore, the Niners are gonna need all the picks they can get since they won’t be able to afford Crabtree, Iupati, Smith (and etc.) in the future.

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