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Oakland Athletics: Who Are We Up Against?  Possible ALCS Opponents after the Tigers

Oakland Athletics: Who Are We Up Against? Possible ALCS Opponents after the Tigers

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The regular season is over and the playoff teams will be officially set after a tie-breaker between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas
Rangers, followed by a one-game playoff between the winner and the Cleveland Indians.  The team that advances will go on to face the Boston Red Sox, who own the league’s best record.  So when the Oakland A’s finally beat the Detroit Tigers this year, there are quite a few different opponents the A’s could be up against.

Chances are the Red Sox will beat any of these three teams after the year they have had so far exceeding expectations after a last-place season just last year.  They not only have big hitters, they have a monster pitching line-up and more playoff experience than any other team.  The A’s are 3-3 with the Red Sox this year so far so be ready for a close series.

However if the Indians do indeed win the wild card spot, they will have momentum on their side as they came from behind and took their playoff spot without the support of the rest of America much like the Oakland clubs of the past.  They also have consistent big hitters and Scott Kazmir leading their rotation which is trouble for any team.  The A’s are only 2-5 against the Indians this year after being swept early in the season.  This team could mean the most trouble for Oakland.

The Rays are probably closest to the A’s out of the playoff teams but they haven’t been hitting well as of late, leaving a large opportunity to take advantage with Oakland’s bats booming.  The A’s are 3-3 against the Rays after being swept early in the season, but with the A’s sweeping them just last month.

And finally the Texas Rangers, who barely scraped their way into their position, will have to battle to make a run playing on the road for possibly 4 straight games.  They were the frontrunner in the west for a while until their bats were shut down and their pitchers were lit up.  They have a chance as they are still the team who went to the World Series two and three years ago and if it comes to that, the A’s are 10-9 against the Rangers this year, including recently sweeping them.  So it would be nice to beat the Rangers to go to the World Series, Sure.

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