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Raiders Lose another Sloppy Game, No Thanks To Sebastian Janikowski

Raiders Lose another Sloppy Game, No Thanks To Sebastian Janikowski



There is no denying that Sebastian Janikowski is one of the great all time kickers in franchise history but in league history as well.  He is about 10 (50+) field goals away from having the record, but he remains that far because of his lackluster kicking percentage so far this year.  Janikowski is now 5-8 missing a 52, 48, and even worst, a 35 yard field goal this season.  Obviously he isn’t the reason the Oakland Raiders are struggling in the hardest division in the league, but Janikowski is supposed to be their backbone and he has left the Raiders paralyzed with his misses.

Starting with game one against the Indianapolis Colts, Janikowski had the chance to cut the colts’ lead to point, but missed a pivotal shot, forcing the Raiders to go for the touchdown on the last drive and leading to an eventual interception by Terrelle
Pryor.  The sloppy play the accompanied those drives didn’t help either, but if Janikowski would have made the original field goal, it
would have been a whole different ending.

Mid way into the third quarter in today’s game against the Washington Redskins, the Raiders are leading the game 14-10 and Janikowski comes in to attempt a usual chip shot and pushes it left all the way.  The Raiders remained with the lead but with lousy field position and the Redskins went on to score that drive and put on 7 more before it was all said and done.  At a point where it looked as if the Raiders would snap out of their funk, the field goal was missed and the Redskins finished off with 24 points unanswered in the last 3 quarters.

Oakland has problems everywhere but their solution seems to be cracking a little this year.  Janikowski is not the main person to blame for these losses, but he isn’t exactly helping their case either.

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  1. Totally not…. The main reason Raiders Lost …MATT FLYNN
    too many mistakes, bad passes, fumble, no confidence. Felt like I was watching Marc Wilson. Terrible performance.

    Can’t Win With Flynn.

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