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Make or Break Time:  Will Oakland’s Season be over by week 6?

Make or Break Time: Will Oakland’s Season be over by week 6?



The Oakland Raiders had a chance to bring themselves back to 2-2 against a fairly rough first 4 games, but their defense couldn’t hold strong and their offense sputtered out after the first quarter. Next week they have a home game against the division rival San Diego Chargers who just came off of a big victory against the Dallas Cowboys, followed by a road game against the Kansas City Chiefs who are undefeated and looking like they have something to prove. If the Raiders don’t come up with one, let alone both victories they may already be out of the playoff chase by week 6.

At 1-3 the Raiders are only 3 games back of first place which is still manageable but getting to 4 or 5 games back of first place in the first 6 weeks doesn’t really put you in a position to win, and being involved in the toughest division in the league at the moment isn’t doing them any favors either. Oakland will be lucky to get a single victory against a team in their division this year. Not to mention what else this may mean for the team of the future.

If Terrelle Pryor is still unable to go next week because of his concussion and Matt Flynn loses again, then it will be obvious that he is not the player of the Raiders future and easy to move next year to free up cap space. If Pryor comes back and plays decent he will retain his starting job at least until next season based on his level of improvement he has showed this year already. But most of all if the Raiders drop to 1-5 and finish the season in the bottom three of the league again; I don’t see Dennis Allen still being the coach past this year. A season shouldn’t be in the balance this early in the year, but it wouldn’t be the Raiders if they made things simple.

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