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Just Plain Bad: Oakland Raiders Should Cut Matt Flynn

Just Plain Bad: Oakland Raiders Should Cut Matt Flynn


Yesterday’s debacle proved that Matt Flynn is nothing more than a terrible backup quarterback. I called for Flynn’s release after his atrocious performance in the third preseason game and I am still calling for his release now. Everyone should write ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski a letter of apology after most members of the Raider Nation ridiculed Jaworski after he called Flynn the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.

Reggie McKenzie needs to admit that he made a mistake by trading for Flynn by cutting Flynn now. There is no way that Flynn should make the roster next year so why not cut him now and promote rookie Tyler Wilson back to the active roster. Undrafted free agent Matt McGloin showed he has some potential this preseason so he deserves to start if Pryor goes down.

Although Pryor has shown that he is capable of being a solid quarterback in this league, his playing style makes him susceptible to injuries. The Raiders need to find another capable quarterback who can start a few games a season.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Raiders playoff hopes are officially out the window so the Raiders must use this season to scout talent for the future. Giving McGloin and Wilson reps during practice will allow the Raiders brass a chance to see if they are worthy of roster spots next year. All indications are that McGloin has the desire and potential to be a capable backup in this league. In an ideal situation, McGloin would be a Kirk Cousins prototype who can step in and lead the team to victory whenever Pryor goes down.

Sorry Matt Flynn, you are not talented enough to be a quarterback on the Oakland Raiders. The last thing the Raiders need is someone who was a backup to JaMarcus Russell at one point in their career.


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  1. Can’t Flynn be put on the practice squad so we some value for all the money he is getting? Promote T. Wilson to third string and develop the dude.


  3. i agree completely. i would also fire Reggie and Allen

  4. Yeah … I think you know brutha Jorge that what you are proposing in this article is e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I suggested (to anyone and everyone I could tell) that TP should start – McG #2 and Wilson #3.

    Now, we wasted a game – a game McG COULD HAVE won. I’ll state this again I watched e-v-e-r-y game that McGloin played in Penn State (my alma mater) and I eyewitnessed the young man’s potential come alive under Coach O’Brien (PATRIOTS). McGloin can absorb a pro-O scheme, has enough arm and accuracy to go downfield and what’s more, he’s not afraid to pull the trigger!! <– Two exclamation marks used because of this writer's FRUSTRATION with watching Flynn's "FRS" (Football Retention Syndrome).

    McG will make mistakes ala Brett Favre. His mistakes will be interceptions, but the INTs will be DOWNFIELD and a result of a rookie being fooled by an NFL-level defensive backfield (the same mistakes that all QB's make int he NFL).

    I'll say this again too … TP W-I-L-L get hurt again. I don't want it to happen … I pray it doesn't happen, but he will. Also, look back at ALL the Superbowl winners and list the scrambling QBs that led them. yeah …

    Some might say – it’s different this year … the read option changes everything. Yeah … how ‘about this … The Broncos WILL win the Superbowl with that old pocket QB and his old pocket style.

    Not many will believe this, but I will shout it out to my RAIDER NATION bruthas and sistas again. If McGloin is given a real chance (not a quarter or a half – but the same confidence that TP was given) … he WILL win football games for us.

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