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Could the Bay Have 2 Sunday Night Football Games Next Week?
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Could the Bay Have 2 Sunday Night Football Games Next Week?

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I wrote last week that next week’s matchup between the Raiders and the Chargers could be rescheduled because of the A’s playoff chances. With the game creeping closer and closer, the league has officially stated that the Raiders/Chargers game does stand a chance at being moved. If the A’s end up having an early time slot on Saturday, the Raiders should be able to stay in their normal time slot. However, a late time slot will officially push kickoff to 5:30 pm, making an intriguing night for the Bay Area. With the Texans/49ers game taking place at Candlestick Park at the same time, it will give fans across the nation two games with Bay Area football.

It wasn’t long ago that both the 49ers and the Raiders were longshots to make any primetime games. With the recent successes of both teams, it seems fitting that both teams are given the honor of playing in front of the entire nation. Both games should be good and entertaining, as the Raiders always play the Chargers hard and the Niners and Texans are both upper-tier teams that are looking to prove themselves this season. I do have to wonder if this will eventually lead to the Raiders getting their own stadium, though. While sharing the stadium with the A’s has been acceptable so far, fans seems increasingly resistant to the idea of their team getting injured off of the dirt infield. Pushing kickoff times may finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and gets the league to help get the Raiders into a fitting stadium.

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