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Seth Curry: “A Brotherly Reunion”

Seth Curry: “A Brotherly Reunion”


Seth Curry just recently signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Golden State Warriors. Just like his big brother (Stephen Curry) and father (Wardell Curry), Seth has the ability to shoot the ball from any distance above or below the arc. The Blue Devil will be competing in line for a roster spot against defensive specialist Toney Douglas, the athletic European “Derrick Rose” Nemanja Nedovic, and the lengthy but charismatic Kent Bazemore. The “Dubs” already have reasonable depth at shooting guard, point-guard, and small forward, especially after picking up Andre Igoudala in the off-season (also Scott Machado and Kevin Murphy). Having all this talent surrounding the Warriors backcourt, Curry needs to prove that he has elite “potential” and must showcase his special forte; his sharp-shooting expertise.

During his senior season at Duke University, the blue devil averaged about 17.5 points and shot with a (43.8) percentage from the 3-point line. Compared to his older Brother Stephen who averaged 25.3 points with a (41.2) shooting percentage from beyond the arc, when he was a Davidson Wildcat. After sustaining a right shin injury, Seth was still able to shoot the ball well with accurate precision from anywhere on the court. Without a doubt, Seth’s shooting reputation can land him a roster spot; however, there are still some gray areas in his “game” that are in dismal need of improvement. Seth only recorded 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists in his last season as a Blue Devil. Standing at 6’3 and weighing 185 lbs., Seth needs to put on a little bit of muscle if he wants to make an immediate impact in the paint. He played as a shooting guard for a majority of his basketball career in college, but he does possess the capability to switch to point-guard as well. If Seth can refine his passing IQ and crash the board once in a while, his all-around versatility will become a valuable asset to any team in the NBA league.

Stephen Curry and his little brother already have an ongoing chemistry off the court, is it possible that they can bring that chemistry “on” the court? Stephen Curry has elevated his game to a whole new level, bringing the “Warriors” to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Seth can learn a thing or two from the franchise point-guard, and who knows maybe he’ll become the next breakout star to lead this team to victory. One fact remains clear; it will take time.

Training camp is just around the corner and everyone is anticipating that the competition between these two brothers will be quite entertaining to watch.

According to USA Today, Seth said, “It’s inevitable”. “We’ve always been competing and always will be.”


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