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Oakland Raiders must take advantage of struggling Redskins defense

Oakland Raiders must take advantage of struggling Redskins defense


The loss to the Denver Broncos was a bitter pill to swallow, but the Oakland Raiders must look forward and not dwell in the past. Although the Redskins have yet to mark a tally in the win column, it would be wise to not overlook this matchup. Oakland’s offense must fire on all cylinders from the opening whistle and take advantage of a struggling Washington Redskins defense which is ranked 31st in both passing and rushing yards allowed, according to ESPN.

With uncertainties about who will start at quarterback for Oakland after Terrelle Pryor suffered from a concussion after the game in
Denver, Darren McFadden in all likelihood will have to carry Oakland’s offense to relieve pressure off the quarterback and create openings for the passing game. Also, the Raiders defense must constantly pressure Robert Griffin III and attack an offense whose record does not reflect its abilities.

Washington is ranked the fifth best passing offense in the NFL, averaging 307.3 passing yards in its first three games according to ESPN. Griffin III has found ways to get the ball to his receivers despite looking like a sitting duck behind his offensive line at times –Washington has allowed six sacks so far this season according to NFL.com. Granted Griffin is not Peyton Manning, Oakland showed that it can have difficulties against a vertical passing attack.

In addition, the threat of Griffin running with the ball is not completely out of the question even with his health issues – he was able to
gain positive rushing yards in all three games. Griffin has also shown the ability to get a second wind and perform better during the second half of games than the first.

If Oakland manages to obtain the lead after the first half, the offense must keep its foot on the gas pedal and its defense cannot allow
Griffin to scratch his way back and make a game of it.

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