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Colin Kaepernick not “receiving” any help

Colin Kaepernick not “receiving” any help

Colin Kaepernick

The San Francisco 49ers find themselves in a precarious early season situation, they’re 1-2, have a disgruntled running back in Frank Gore, have a lost quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, and have a troubled outside linebacker in Aldon Smith. Are the 49ers a sinking ship that Alex Smith was happy to get off of? Has the league finally figured out Kap? What has happened to that dominate defense? Hopefully some answers come from these questions but I have a short answer to the above list…Who CARES??? Looking for concrete answers to these questions is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The Niners have never dropped consecutive games under Jim Harbaugh; they have now. The team is playing nowhere near their ability and I for one am not even worried for one second. The amount of adversity this team has faced in three weeks is enough for an entire season’s worth. I really feel this is what strengthens the team and pushes them forward from here on out. We’ll see the true moxie of this team and how much heart they have as the season rolls on.

Earlier on I mentioned Kaepernick has looked lost on the field and the reason has been lack of depth at the receiver position. Losing guys such as Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham have proved disastrous results thus far for Kap’s downfield opportunities. If Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin are both shut down whom else is going to step up and make plays? So far that’s one concrete answer we’ve got from a question-nobody has. There’s not a whole lot I’m worried about other than our receiver situation. Everything can be worked on in practice with the defense and the penalties and so forth.

The 49ers need someone to step up in the receiving game whether it’s Kyle Williams or maybe even an emerging Quinton Patton. Something needs to happen soon because as Kaepernick goes so does the 49ers, his success is vital to that winning environment that he and all of us as fans have grown accustomed to this past year.

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