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Breaking Down Monday Night Football: Raiders Versus Broncos

Breaking Down Monday Night Football: Raiders Versus Broncos


The undefeated Denver Broncos are playing the 1-1 Oakland Raiders. The game is believed to be very one sided and it is probably another David versus Goliath tale. The Broncos are coming off games versus the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and the New York Giants and in back to back games the Broncos scored 40 plus points in each one. The Oakland Raiders are coming off a close victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars and a disappointing loss against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Broncos are passing the ball very well and embarrassing opponent’s defenses, while the Raiders are utilizing Terrelle Pryor very well and keeping games close. The big sway in this game is probablygoing to be the play of Peyton Manning. If Manning can continue his very hot passing game, this game will probably end up a blowout. If the Raiders play like they did in the matchup against the Colts, they might be able to keep the game close. The Broncos game plan going into the game is to air the ball out to their weapons like Demaryrus Thomas, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker and others.

The Raiders will have to use their corners and safeties in packages that close deep routes and watch the short routes. The Raider’s game plan going into the game will be to use Pryor’s ability to run or pass the ball, from in or outside of the pocket. The Broncos will have to use defensive coveragesthat has a linebacker watching Terrelle Pryor from coming out of the pocket. The two teams in this week two Monday Night Game play very different game styles and the one who can force the other team to play their game will be the one with the w in the win column.

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